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I am a podcaster, speaker and writer. I am so grateful you’re here! 



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Let me teach you how to create a podcast your fans will love! In my signature Rock Your Podcast® course I will take you from Zero to Podcast in 30 days! It's a simple step-by-step course designed to take the overwhelm out of podcasting so you can get launched and focus on serving your tribe.


Carrie has been a wealth of information for me to get my podcast launched and have it be successful. She has so much knowledge on software and equipment and how-to. Plus her expert advice has helped me to book incredible guests and get my podcast HEARD. I could NOT have done my podcast without her help!!!

Jennifer Allwood

Host, The Jennifer Allwood Show

Carrie is a faith-filled, fireball teacher with the wisdom and knowledge to help others walk in purpose! I had the great pleasure to speak on her podcast which led me to believe I could launch my own. I took Carrie’s “Rock Your Podcast” course and it rocked my world! Her course gave me the practical tools I needed to launch my very own podcast with confidence. I can’t thank her enough for the special gift that she is to the world.

Chastity Stemmons

Speaker & Stylist

Carrie's coaching skills in podcasting and biz mentoring are excellent from the get-go. Her savvy and keen know-how of today's social media combined with a thoroughness in how she teaches sets her apart in quality and commitment to her students. In podcasting, she knows how to bring a student from being a total beginner to someone who can feel confident. She helps them see the big picture of putting together a podcast, from declaring a vision and content to bringing the technical end together. I highly recommend her!

Tara Brueske

Musician & Entrepreneur

Dare To Live An Extraordinary Life

Hey friend! Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Carrie Robaina and I'm a multi-passionate gal who lives and loves BIG! Rock Your Podcast® is my signature course designed to help the first-time podcaster go from zero to podcast in 30 days! She Walks In Truth® is the podcast I host which is my absolute favorite way to equip and encourage women to live intentional lives. My Consulting Services are to help those who want to work 1 to 1 or take a deep dive.

This is your official invitation to hangout awhile and browse around because I am confident you’ll find the exact tools you need to live and build an extraordinary life (2 Thessalonians 1:11-12).

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