Furniture artist and creative influencer Amber Strong joins the She Walks In Truth podcast to share her testimony and how we’re all creatively created. Amber journeyed through early adulthood as a single mom and is now married with three kids. She also shares how even in the toughest seasons the Lord has always provided.


Faith Story (3:59)

Amber shares her faith journey and how until she was 20 years old, divorced and raising two kids by herself is really how she came into personal relationship with the Lord. She talks how at times she was angry at him for her circumstances yet knew she couldn’t make it without Him

The Power of Prayer (12:00) 

Amber’s aunt encouraged to her to not give up hope on ever finding love again and advised her to make a list of all the things she wanted in a spouse and pray over it. Amber did and five years later met the love of her life.

Creatively Created (21:27)

Amber shares her journey of going from stay at home to brick and mortar business owner. Little did she know that her skills of making art out of items other were going to discard would turn into a flourishing business and helping other creatives start their own business. Amber’s sees her shop as a mission field and is one of the primary ways she shares her faith with others.






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