On this episode of She Walks In Truth Carissa Bradford joins the show to chat about how she and her company believe in using small talents for big outcomes in the sex trafficking industry in the United States.

Back Story (4:18)

In 2013 Carissa had a vision of a way she could use her passion and trade for nails to fight sex trafficking. What it looked like was launching a nail program as well as doing manicure and pedicure services to cover the cost of what it would be to train a survivor into the trade of manicuring. She built her first sustainable business model in 2015 in Austin, Texas as a traveling nail bar in an airstream trailer. Ever since they’ve been celebrating women by bringing both women and men together on how to use our small talents to make a big impact.

From Vision to Reality (7:30)

Carissa shares the process behind taking this from a vision to reality. She attended several meetings and conferences to get connected and learn more about what was happening in her community.

We’re never in a season where we’re helpless. When we start believing that going out into our communities is more powerful than prayer then that’s not true. Carissa was encouraged that it all begins with prayer which is what she did. She shares how the season of prayer prepared the way for impact.

Being Faithful with the Small Things (16:40)

Carissa shares how she started in her house and then she began kickstarter campaign to purchase their now air stream trailer in order to begin training up survivors to learn how to become manicurists.


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