Christa Hutchins is a woman who loves the Lord and is a doer of all kinds of things! Having a career in engineering, she also helps coach woman with project management. This leader has a heart to serve women in the body of Christ and joins the show today, empowering all kinds of women to move their God-sized dreams from vision into action.

Introduction to Christa Hutchins (2:00)

Christa is God’s girl and has a passion for God’s girls in this world. She shares about how God led her into the space of ministry and coaching she is involved with today.

Confidence in Leadership (4:00)

Carrie poses a question to Christa on what it was for her working in a field with mostly men, and any encouragement she would have for women finding themselves in that type of space too.

Be the Woman You Are (6:00)

No matter where you are or what type of work environment you find yourself in, be the woman you’re made to be.

You Have Value (7:30)

If someone has invited you somewhere whether it be work or a different type of setting, it’s because they saw the value you bring and want it. You are free to walk in confidence.

A Generous Generation (11:00)

Christa shares how she’s noticed such a generosity within the blogging movement across women in leadership.

Navigating Changing Relationships (12:00)

It’s important to make time and space for people and things that are most important to you. As women we need to establish priorities and pursue our individual callings with great intention.

The Best Yes Book (16:00)

Carrie elaborates on a book that helped her significantly in shaping what she says yes and no to. This book is called “The Best Yes” by Lisa Terkeurst. Click here for the book.

As You Are (18:30)

You don’t have to be an expert to do something well that you feel God is calling you to. Quit waiting, take the step, then let God show you what next steps to take.

Working Through Dynamics in Life (20:30)

Through a difficult circumstance along with a job transition, God started to stir in Christa’s heart for something new. Bringing together her natural skills, coaching aspects, and engineering past experiences, Christa saw God pulling them all together into a greater passion for women and ministry.  

God Uses All of You (24:00)

God is so much bigger than any of our mistakes or failures. He takes the broken pieces of our lives and makes something beautiful, bringing it all together.

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