Connie Tresedder is a joy filled woman, who coaches individuals on how to live out their best potential through providing techniques on rewiring belief patterns in the brain, and how to step confidently into your unique, God-given purpose. Today she joins the show to talk about her book, Unlock Your Purpose: Become the Difference Maker You were Created to Be.

Introduction to Connie Tresedder (2:30)

Last time Connie interviewed with us, the episode itself hit a top 10 with the She Walks In Truth Podcast!

Connie’s New Book (4:30)

This new book is called Unlock Your Purpose: Become the Difference Maker You Were Created to Be. To purchase the book, click here

Hearing the Voice of God (5:00)

It is important to learn how to hear God’s voice! Connie shares insights on how we can discern the voice of God in our everyday lives.

Episode #75 (10:30)

Check out episode #75 to learn more from Connie in her previous episode with She Walks In Truth.

Kingdom Difference Maker (11:30)

All people want to make a difference and know that their life matters. We were created to be difference makers right where we’re at.

Wired (18:30)

There are experiences we’ve had that have made our brain wire a certain way. We act on what we believe.

Deeply in Love (25:10)

The key to changing our negative patterns of thinking is to realize how deeply in love the Lord is with us. God is for us, He is never against us.

Walk Confidently (27:30)

When we sense God’s love so deeply, we are able to walk confidently. 

Abundant Life Online Academy (30:30)

Interested in getting more coaching from Connie? Learn more on her website here

Invest Well (33:00)

When you invest in yourself, you’re actually investing into the Kingdom of God. The healthier we are ourselves, the healthier the environment is around us.

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