Better Together Series (Part One) | Episode 040 | Carrie Robaina


This episode of  She Walks In Truth kicks off a four-part series with not just one, but two guests who share their testimonies. Teresa Ann is a previous guest and is the host of Let’s Talk with Teresa Ann on YouTube. In this series, her longtime friend Celina Baginski and amazing creative designer of Pearls in Bloom joins us for a three-way chit chat.

With these two together, I just know God is going to release something special for you in this episode.  

Celina started her walk with God at a young age in a loving, but rocky home. She grew up believing that if bad things weren’t happening to her then God wasn’t testing her. Meaning God had either forgotten about her, or the bad things were coming soon. It wasn’t until her twenties that she began to question the paranoia and fear that she had as a basis with her relationship with God. She then found His love that would carry all the way through her first child and her battle with cancer. And through these struggles her friendship with Teresa stood as a steadfast monument to that love. Let their sisterhood inspire you to take step forward with faith first in you relationships with family, friends, and God. 

If you haven’t listened to the previous episode with Teresa Ann, you can find it right here: Made New In Christ | Episode 014. It’s one of our most listened to episodes and for good reason. Her testimony shows her travels from a wayward daughter to being redeemed. Together, Selina and Teresa Ann share their journey together as paved by the singular love of God.

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