Women can have a tendency to downplay the gifts and abilities the Lord has bestowed them with. That’s why it is so incredible to see friends like Celina and Teresa Ann feed off of each other’s talents. In Part Two of the Better Together series, I ask Celina and Teresa Ann about the conversations they are having with women today to encourage them, support them, and share God’s love and truth.  

It’s not always easy to see yourself as God sees you. Celina was the one who stood up for Teresa Ann at school when she was teased for the way she looked. She knew Teresa Ann didn’t see herself in the way that God or herself did. Changing that perception can change so much about a person’s life – it’s like Teresa Ann came to understand to look at the cross not as being tied to our sin, but as a revelation of our value to God. When you can do that, you can start operating from a place of value instead of place of, “I have to do this or else.” 

Our world is so performance driven that it can be an easy pitfall to believe the Lord is holding you to the same standards. But that is not the truth. This is the overall message for a Facebook group Teresa Ann and Celina are active in called Godly Chit Chat. Please check it out if you are needing support or have the courage to offer it as well.  

Next week I willl be back with Teresa Ann and Celina for Part 3 of our series where we’ll be discussing parenting issues that we’ve all faced… so stay tuned, sister friends! 

If you haven’t listened to the previous episode in the Better Together series you can listen here!  Together, Celina and Teresa share their journey together as paved by the singular love of God.

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