In the final part of the Better Together series with Carrie Robaina, Celina Baginski and Teresa Ann we are going out with fireworks!!! That’s right, we’re talking about marriage. All three of us open up about the things the Lord has taught us about our marriages and relationships at large. Whether you’re married or not, you’ll be able to glean some truth from our conversation so don’t miss out.  

Teresa Ann will be the first to admit that she has a huge crush on her husband. I love what she said about love not being this onetime thing; it’s an emotion you should be feeling over and over again, just like God’s love is always there. How we live our marriage on earth is usually a reflection of our intimacy with God. And, of course, things aren’t always easy. Teresa Ann has heard wives say they don’t want to be “cheerleaders” for their husbands if they don’t feel like it 100%, that they’re afraid of faking it. But the parallel here is our relationship with Christ – there are days when we’re strained and hurting but choose to believe anyway. Does that mean we’re faking it then? No! Aligning your heart with God is the same for your relationships. Seeing your significant other as a fellow brother and sister of Christ totally changes the paradigm and can set the course for you to breathe life into your partner every day.  

Celina and her husband started off as friends, dating other people. Over time they grew closer and one day Celina realized he had all the qualities she was looking for in a spouse—something she only noticed because she had written down these qualities in her journal. Looking back on their wedding video, Celina noticed the pastor (who they had only met just before the ceremony) talked about forgiveness. While that seemed like a joy-killer at first,  a few years in now she has realized that it makes more sense. As you grow with someone, sharing a life, sharing stresses, there’s going to be conflict. What Celina finds herself going back to time and time again is forgiveness, 70 times 7. Focusing on that forgiveness and what is true and noble is her key to maintaining the health of her marriage.  

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