On today’s episode of She Walks In Truth I have a meaningful conversation with author and speaker Melanie Redd. She is a woman who loves to encourage, equip, train and motivate women in all areas of their lives. Melanie also has great skills in helping others with their businesses. She’s been trekking up the social media mountain and lifting up the name of Jesus as high as she can while doing it. 

 Melanie’s Testimony  

Melanie was blessed to be brought up in a Christian home and can’t remember a time when she wasn’t in church. Of course, she had heard the name of God and went to Sunday School, but she didn’t yet have a personal relationship with Jesus. After hearing someone else’s testimony at the age of 11, she talked with her parents to solidify her relationship with Christ – wanting to ensure she could spend eternity in Heaven with Him. So, she let Jesus into her heart that night and started a complete change in her life.  

How to Win Your Child’s Heart For Life 

Melanie that many of her daughter’s friends, at the age of 18, really cut off their relationship with their parents. So Melanie asked some ladies that mentored her about this and they said, “You have to win the hearts of your children.” Specifically from an early age, so that they want to come and see you once they’re out of the nest. There are some guiding principles on how to do this especially during middle school and high school when these relationships can get strained. Melanie wrote the book to help parents not lose this connection. 

If you haven’t set out to do this, don’t panic. Melanie believes you’re never too old to work on regaining trust with your children. You need to build a bridge with love and relating to them, not lectures and complaints. Meet them where they’re at and find a commonality with them. Melanie sees some parents focus on winning the battle, not the war. They may get their child to stop from getting a tattoo or going to one party, but there is so much anger and hurt caused that they start to lose their child’s heart. Take the helicopter view and see how you can form your relationship for life without worrying too much about how long their hair is or how late they are staying up. 

Stepping Closer to the Savior 

This is a guide Melanie wrote for new believers or those who have been in church but never sought to grow their faith. It’s written to not be “churchy” so anyone 12 and up could pick it up and use it. It’s a self-teaching book that can be used to help your own discipleship in sharing God’s word with others – whether it’s on the street, in your church, or at home with your spouse and children.  

Stop and Rest  

Another point Melanie highlights is how easy it is to get burned out in ministry. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to help others? A big message we would like to share with you is to make sure you stop and rest. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you exercising at all? Are you getting away from your kids for a bit and having date nights? Make sure you have a full cup, as it’s a surefire way to help share what blessings God has given you with others.



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