Hannah Place is a speaker, podcaster and Founder of Graceful Gladiator, a movement to empower women to embrace the feminine and warrior natures we all inside so we can make our highest contribution to ourselves, our families and the world.

Testimony (2:24) 

Hannah is a pastor’s kid and talks about how she had an incredible childhood with parents who created a safe home. Her testimony begins during high school when she wanted to be a wife and a mom. Hannah talks about although she saw red flags in a relationship, she entered into that marriage with her eyes half open. Everything that she prayed for and hoped for came to a screeching halt. After two years into it she ended up divorced and went through a season of thinking she let the Lord down but realized that the Lord allowed her to go through that season so that she could be yielded to him.

Gladiator Friendships (8:15) 

Hannah talks about how good friendships are similar to how Gladiator’s train. They train with other gladiators who are willing to hurt them but not kill them. She feels friendship is the same thing. That women should be surrounded by other women who are willing to hurt  them so that when they’re up against the real enemy they’re trained and ready.

A Heart For Battle (14:00) 

Every woman has a battle to fight and often we pray for him to keep us safe. Hannah feels that we have territory to claim just like the Israelites but we were made to step up to the plate and fight it with the Lord.

Warrior Spirit (17:30)

Hannah’s heart is for women to claim their warrior spirit. That God calls us to fierce warriors but we also have a feminine, soft side that is a picture of his grace.

Beauty In Submission (19:32)

Hannah and I chat about Biblical submission and marriage.

Working With Your Spouse (27:00)

Hannah and her husband own and operate three businesses together and they absolutely love it. She shares tips on how to make it work when a husband and wife work in business together. The biggest thing is looking as your spouse as an ally and more!

Get In Touch 

Want to get in touch with Hannah? You can listen to her podcast Graceful Gladiator here. She can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mrshannahplace, on IG @HannahPlace and at www.hannahplace.com.