Dezerai Seitzer is a speaker and blogger whose mission is to speak God’s truth in a way that challenges, excites and motivates women to know God more intimately, to understand His word more fully, and to be unafraid to live who He created them to be. Faith Story (1:00)  Dezerai came to know the Lord at about 6 years old and has followed him ever since. She shares about being a 4th generation Christian and that her Great Grandmother was saved by a brave woman pastor at a tent revival meeting. Speaking the Truths of God’s Word  (4:31)  Dezerai is passionate about sharing with women how they are “enough” to serve how God’s called them to. There was a season when she thought her gifts came too easily and began to seek out other gifts. The Lord has brought her back to speaking and writing and wants to remind women who God is and who we are to God. Finding Your Worth In the Lord (8:37) Dezerai’s biggest encouragement for women is to take and set aside time to be with the Lord. It’s a sacred time and as we spend time with him the outside voices become quieter and we can clearly hear who God is and says we are. How do we gain more confidence? Spend more time with God and understand who he is. Hearing From God (11:30) God is so faithful that if we seek Him we will find Him. God confirms his speaking to us many ways including through His word as well as through other brothers and sisters in the Lord. Staying the Course (21:11) Dezerai opens up about a couple of dynamics on her faith journey. She said in a struggle that if she brings her focus back to the Lord, everything else seems like it’s not as big of a deal. Running the Race Set Before You (26:03) Dezerai says she grew up being told women couldn’t be pastors or preach which was in conflict with what her gift was. We are all called to preach the Word in whatever capacity God has called you to. She encourages women to really pray hard in to it and seek out a place where you can use your gift. Get In Touch  Want to get in touch with Dezerai?



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