Jenny Taylor is a successful business owner, business coach, servant leader, and current student at Wheaton college. She is part of the Propel Women Cohort Group with Carrie Robaina and today they both join the She Walks in Truth Podcast to chat with about personal experiences in the Propel Women Cohort while getting a Masters in Evangelism and Leadership.

Introduction to Jenny Taylor (4:00)

Carrie chats about the personal connection between Jenny and herself.

Obedience is Key (6:00)

Jenny shares her thoughts on obedience. When God says go, we say yes. Our life is about being on mission to do what God asks of us while we are here on earth.

The Gift of Cohort Sisters at Wheaton (11:00)

Being part of such a diverse body of women passionate about Jesus Christ has been refreshing to both Carrie and Jenny.

Purpose of Being at Wheaton (13:30)

Carrie shares that her purpose in being at Wheaton is to know God more through the study of theology. Whether we are in school or not, as believers we are all qualified to study the word.

Honoring the Leadership (23:00)

Carrie takes a moment to honor the leadership that worked hard to make the women’s cohort at Wheaton a possibility.

We Are All on the Same Mission (28:00)

The Propel Women Cohort at Wheaton is a culture of learning and honor. Regardless of one’s status, everyone is in equal standing with one another.

Favorite Takeaways (30:30)

There are many great takeaways from being part of the Propel Women Cohort. Field trips, Billy Graham museum, life long connections, the professors, and the campus are just naming a few.

Advice on Seeking Community (36:00)

Become someone who offers good community. Take a chunk of time to spend with God and ask Him to make it clear what you are longing for, then listen and GO make it happen.

Community Takes Intentionality (42:00)

Relationships take investment and sacrifice. We need to be willing to both give and receive towards one another.

Blessing to the Listeners (44:30)

Jenny prays over listeners.

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