Kristin Kuhne is a wife, mother and Lead Pastor at Giving Waters Christian Family Church in Hudson, Wisconsin. She joins the podcast today to talk about her call as a pastor which began by being pushed out of her comfort zone by her own pastor! Kristin offers practical insight on how to begin using your gifts as well as some of the dynamics of shepherding God’s people.

Royal Identity (3:07)

Kristin shares about her passion to help others see who they are and what they’re called to do. She’s meeting a lot of people who’ve forgotten who they are in Christ.

The Process of Life (5:50)

Sometimes we think things are so much hard than we think they ought to be. We feel like God’s late and our only option is to trust God in the process. Oftentimes it’s for a purpose because we’re not always ready for the “suddenlies.”

Kristin advises rather than trying to fight against God, we need to trust him and go with it. He has great things planned for all of us and we need to trust that and trust that process.

If we have mess we need to embrace it. Proverbs 14:4 “Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox come abundant harvests.”

The Call to Ministry (9:30)

Kristin refers to herself as the responsible delinquent. She knew the Lord her whole life and was responsible in many areas but her personal life was a mess. She shares her faith story and the moment when her life was never the same.

Once her life was surrendered to the Lord he really began to  use her. She talks about the first time she was asked to be part of the leadership team and she felt unqualified because she was a woman. Her call to be a pastor grew from there after getting the opportunity to preach to women and share with her congregation. Kristin had to embrace the discomfort and took it step-by-step.

Kristin hopes to pay it forward to people in her congregation and call them out and up to who they are created to be,

Using your Gift (15:40)

The Lord has given you a gift. Use it and embrace it wherever you are in life. Start where you are and use your gifts. We’re all called to be leaders and influencers for the gospel and we will be held accountable so it’s imperative to use them. Be ready when asked to speak. Be ready when someone asks for your opinion. Be faithful to God in each and every one of those opportunities.

Gift to Preach (18:40)

Kristin shares how it’s so important to be plugged into a local church and to be faithful and steadfast there. Pray for someone to mentor you and to help you use your God-given gift.

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