061: Angela J. Herrington | Broken Beautiful Bold

On today’s episode of She Walks In Truth, Life and Digital Strategy Coach for Christian Entrepreneurs Angela J Herrington chats about finding freedom and fulfillment in our God-given calling.

Testimony (1:20)

Angela shares how as a child she grew up around church but not really in church. She got church but didn’t understand faith. In college Angela had a prodigal season and at the tail end she realized that there had been a lot of people who were praying for her the entire time. After getting out of that season she went back to school and got hungry for the Lord. God began to turn her scares into healing.

God’s Call To Ministry (6:00) 

Angela shares how God called her to ministry during a very busy season in her life. It was one of the most difficult things she’s done but also one of the best things she’s done. Going to seminary she was around women in ministry who had roles in churches and denominations that she had never experienced before.

Women In Church (8:00

Gen X women, do we have access to mentoring and discipleship opportunities. Lack of opportunities for women. Private interviews gutted her. How can I have these skills and giftings and pour them out into her sisters who don’t have access to these resources. Women who want to lead and don’t have the opportunity to. Through coaching and ministry Angela has been able to mash together her skills. Family, business and ministry don’t have to be separate. The more we fragment our lives the less whole we are.

Never Too Broken For God (13:00) 

For the woman who feels too far gone for God, Angela speaks truth and life into you. God is coming for you; he’s actually already there.

Breaking Through Barriers (20:14)

Angela speaks very clearly about ministry and breaking through the barriers of what ministry traditionally “looks like” in the American culture.

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061: Alexandrea Harrelson | Life As A Newlywed

Alexandrea Harrelson is a young woman who is newly married and runs her own online business. She is passionate about teaching other women how they can stay at home and still contribute to the family income. 

Testimony (1:20)

Alexandra shares her faith story of being saved during her Sophomore year of college. Friends were always inviting her to church and Christian events and she went though she didn’t know why. During that time she came to know the Lord and after that the relationships with her family changed. She also talks about how another student kept taking his Bible to class which stood out to her. 

Next Steps (9:27) 

Getting involved in a local church was a big part of Alexandrea developing in her faith. She encourages college students especially to get involved in local programs on campus to help grow. 

Being Newly Married and Being In Business (11:58) 

Alexandrea is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and when she was newly married she didn’t want to get a 9 to 5 so she could focus on her marriage. God opened doors for her to be able to work from home as a virtual assistant and now she teaches other women how to do the same.  Business (14:49)  Setting healthy boundaries and educating others who don’t understand what you “do” is one of the best ways Alexandrea has found to navigate being a non-traditional business owner. People understand money and when you communicate to them it’s your income she finds more people are understanding. Faith In The Marketplace (21:00) Working online and being exposed to lots of different cultures has provided Alexandrea the opportunity to share her faith and be an encouragement.  Newlywed Fun  (24:00)

Alexandrea and her husband spent 4 months traveling in a trailer last summer and shares how it shaped their relationship. They recently purchased a farm in a small town in Mississippi that they had never heard of before which has many great tales to tell. 

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059: Teresa Ann, Celina & Carrie | Godly Chitchat

Teresa Ann, Celina Baginski and Carrie Robaina share about a vision God gave Celina years ago which has recently developed into what’s now called the Godly Chitchat Gathering. Hear how God is using these three women to partner together to travel to equip women with what it means to have God-centered conversations in all areas of life that’s rooted in identity as Daughters of the King. As women of God we are truly better together!


Celina Baginiski at Pearls In Bloom 

Teresa Ann at Let’s Talk 

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058: Jenn Baxter | Live A F.A.S.T. Life

On this week’s episode of She Walks Truth Jenn Baxter joins to share how stripping down and cleaning up gave her her life back. Jen is an accomplished author, speaker who has been published in numerous print and online publications and speaks on the subjects of downsizing & minimalism, clean eating, healthy living and spiritual health.

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057: Chastity Stemmons | Living God’s Way

Chastity Stemmons is speaker, TV personality, teacher, and writer. She’s also an ordained minister with over 16 years of experience in nonprofit management, coaching, women’s ministry, and youth and family services. Chastity assists individuals and families at all levels reach their highest potential and achieve their goals. 

Living Life God’s Way (1:39) 

Chastity shares how she is passionate about getting people love and live their life God’s way and to show up to their life daily. The steps of a man are established by the Lordwhen he delights in his way; Psalm 37:23

Faith Story (3:40) 

Chastity talks about how as a young child both of her grandmas influenced her faith; each in their beautiful way. She shares how when she was a young adult and didn’t know her purpose she called out to Jesus in her room and asked him to show himself to her and he did. It was literally a Damascus experience. Chastity talks about how through a relationship the Lord was training for reigning. 

Strength In The Struggle (9:00) 

Trials are an opportunity in a new and different way than we’ve never know before. 

Let Your Song Come Out (11:44)

The Lord uses Chastity to speak to dry bones and tell them to live! In this segment she uses a record player as an analogy of how we live our lives in Pause, Stop and Play. 

The Power of Words (15:50)

Chastity encourages women to declare truth for each day including making a decision not to talk about your woes and speaking life into relationships! 

The Value of Gratitude (17:40)

Once we use our words to speak what God about helps our lives align with God! 

The Important of an Inner Circle  (20:00)

Chastity feels that one of the most important traits of healthy and Godly relationships is those who are willing to correct you, protect you and love you! 

Creativity & Faith  (25:44)

Chastity talks about as she was in ministry there were women who had confidence issues which birthed her passion to help people dress up for who they are! 

You Are Worth It (36:13) 

Chastity wants you to know that because you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God you are worth it! 

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056: Hannah Place | Graceful Gladiator

Hannah Place is a speaker, podcaster and Founder of Graceful Gladiator, a movement to empower women to embrace the feminine and warrior natures we all inside so we can make our highest contribution to ourselves, our families and the world.

Testimony (2:24) 

Hannah is a pastor’s kid and talks about how she had an incredible childhood with parents who created a safe home. Her testimony begins during high school when she wanted to be a wife and a mom. Hannah talks about although she saw red flags in a relationship, she entered into that marriage with her eyes half open. Everything that she prayed for and hoped for came to a screeching halt. After two years into it she ended up divorced and went through a season of thinking she let the Lord down but realized that the Lord allowed her to go through that season so that she could be yielded to him.

Gladiator Friendships (8:15) 

Hannah talks about how good friendships are similar to how Gladiator’s train. They train with other gladiators who are willing to hurt them but not kill them. She feels friendship is the same thing. That women should be surrounded by other women who are willing to hurt  them so that when they’re up against the real enemy they’re trained and ready.

A Heart For Battle (14:00) 

Every woman has a battle to fight and often we pray for him to keep us safe. Hannah feels that we have territory to claim just like the Israelites but we were made to step up to the plate and fight it with the Lord.

Warrior Spirit (17:30)

Hannah’s heart is for women to claim their warrior spirit. That God calls us to fierce warriors but we also have a feminine, soft side that is a picture of his grace.

Beauty In Submission (19:32)

Hannah and I chat about Biblical submission and marriage.

Working With Your Spouse (27:00)

Hannah and her husband own and operate three businesses together and they absolutely love it. She shares tips on how to make it work when a husband and wife work in business together. The biggest thing is looking as your spouse as an ally and more!

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055: Jennifer Sims | Gratefulness

Jennifer Sims is a wife, mom, business person, mentor and leader. On this episode of She Walks In Truth she shares her faith journey of coming from a heritage of Christian men and women and how during the past 10 years two health situations with her children have caused her to learn how to find gratefulness to God in each day. 

Testimony (2:35) 

Jennifer talks about how she comes from a legacy of strong Christian men and women that she tries to never take for granted. From a young age her parents taught her how to pray and how to study the Word which helped her develop a love for Scripture. She shares how throughout her life she tried to continue to mature in faith throughout life although she didn’t truly knew what walking in faith was until she was much older. Getting married and starting a family of her is what caused her to faith to grow legs and walk.

Giving God Control (5:24) 

During the past 10 years her faith as taken a shape of it’s own in her learning how to open up her hands and give God control. Her daughter was born 12 weeks early (or “on-time” as she says) and it was the first situation in her life when there was literally nothing she could do about it. Through that situation God taught her and husband to trust that God is Lord. 

Encouragement For Other Parents (11:45) 

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:30  

Jennifer talks about how her life verse provided her comfort during that difficult time and remember that the Lord holds our kids in His hands. 

Kyle (16:56)

Jennifer goes into detail about her precious teenage son Kyle who was diagnosed with a rare liver disease at the age of 8 called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). Currently there is no cure or effective medical therapy for PSC. Though there is not much that can be done for it. Kyle is currently listed for a liver transplant. Although that won’t cure the disease, Jennifer says it’s a prolonging of life because it will start him over with a clean liver and give him the chance to live healthy for a long while. 

Passionate About Gratefulness (19:32)

Kyle is champ. He doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to have the disease but Jennifer talks about how he’s done the best he can with what he’s been given and how as a family they’ve tried to be purposeful in being a light for Christ in the medical community whether with their attitudes or sharing about God with doctors or other families they never otherwise would have had access to. One thing her family works on really hard is being passionate about is gratefulness.

Awareness About Rare Diseases (27:46)

Jennifer shares about organizations you can get connected to who study and recognize the importance of studying the little rare diseases that don’t get as much as attention as other diseases simply because there aren’t as many patients to study. 

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054: Jen Cox | Living A Spirit-Filled Life

Jen Cox is a wife, mom, Bible teacher, mentor to moms and a business. She and her husband Rick are high school sweethearts and have known each other since 1st grade. They have 3 active boys who love sports. Jen taught elementary school for eight years before staying home with her kids and can be found substitute teaching, cheering on her boys, working at her co-owned business Soaring Eagle Designs or teaching the Bible and mentoring a mom’s group. On this episode she shares about dynamics in marriage and life including what it’s like to navigate life with bipolar disorder.

Testimony (2:38) 

Jen talks fondly about her childhood. She was blessed to be born in a Christian home where her grandparents and parents who know the Lord. Her mom ran a Bible club in their home which had a profound impact on her life. Jen if grateful for learning her Bible in her childhood church and in the past decade has really learned what it’s like to walk in the Spirit and listen to his leading more.

Walking By The Spirit (6:50) 

Jen shares examples of how the Lord has spoken to her through the word and Bible studies. More recently she talks about how the Lord helped her understand how speaking in tongues is a way to stay in tune with the Spirit.

Ministering To The Untouchables (14:54) 

Evangelism has been part of Jen’s life since the time she came to know the Lord at the age of 5. She’s been praying for others and sharing Jesus with people since as long as she can remember. Many times it’s the untouchables that other people often don’t want to have anything to do with. She believes one way to share the love of Jesus with others is to do life together with others.

Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife  (19:54)

Jen loves to talk to moms about being aware of spending time with people of the opposite sex in order to protect marriage and not give satan a foothold. She says if you find yourself in those situations then you need to run like Joseph did with Potiphar’s wife. Jen also says she also encourages you to find accountability as well.

Lessons Learned From Navigating Life With Bipolar (28:15)

Jen sets the record straight about what it’s like to live with bipolar. It’s been an opportunity to have conversations with her children about it.

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053: Angie Delamore | Find The Treasure

Angie Delamore is a wife, mom, Registered Nurse and health advocate. She’s participated in and finished four marathons and one Olympic Distance Triathlon. On today’s show she shares about finding the treasure in each and every day which is something she’s while parenting her son 13 year old son JC who’s battled leukemia multiple times since he was 2 years old. Angie’s heart’s desire is to meet people where they’re at and love them through their journey.

Testimony (2:28) 

Angie shares how being raised both Southern Baptist and Catholic has given her a unique understanding about “church.”

God’s Mercy & Grace (9:00) 

Angie answers the question she hears often, “How do you do it?” Her answer is always, “God’s mercy and grace in the moment.” The wisdom she’s learned in life is to focus on the now. When she focuses on the past she starts feeling depressed. When she focuses on the future she’s filled with anxiety but when she focuses on the present she’s able to open her heart to God’s mercy and can find joy in the moment.

JC’s Story (13:13) 

Angie opens up about JC’s story of him first being diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two up until now at the age of 13. JC has had 6 relapses and 7 diagnoses.

Comfort In The Now  (21:08)

Journaling and writing about JC’s story is therapeutic for Angie. She knows God has something for her in the form of writing but she’s waiting on him to show her what and when.

Other Dynamics (26:41)

Over the years the Lord’s provision has kept them out of bankruptcy which is all too often the case with medical expenses of this magnitude. Angie talks about some of the ways bills have come in and within hours they’ll receive a check or money that’s nearly right down to the penny of a medical bill.

The Present (38:45)

Angie addresses JC’s present and most recent diagnosis and how others can come alongside them.

Unite In Prayer (43:20)

Join Angie and I in prayer!

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052: Alissa Holmes | Jesus: A Door of Hope

Alissa Holmes is the Executive Pastor and Development Director for Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer. In addition she’s an admin and worship leader for a night and day house of prayer as well as works for a powerful inner healing ministry called Door of Hope. Alissa is also a writer, musician, filmmaker and artist who is passionate about creation in all of its forms. She loves seeing people transformed with the power of Christ after being delivered from severe depression and suicidal tendencies.

Testimony (2:48) 

Alissa is a pastor’s kid who came to know the Lord at the young age of 3. She struggled with nightmares and her mom led her through a salvation prayer and asked the Lord to take away the nightmares and he did. Then at the age of 9 she started with depression and suicidal tendencies due to some trauma in her childhood. At the age of 13 Alissa tried to run away from home and when she came back home her dad started crying and saying his baby was back. Those words from her father broke through a lie she had in her head that nobody loved her. That began a 6 year journey of healing. But in her twenties some other hardships caused her to doubt her relationship with God. God used a mother in the Lord to help Alissa walk through deliverance and ultimately began a 6 month healing process.

Walking Out Inner Healing (9:09) 

Alissa shares how when she was first walking out her healing it was like she had lived her whole life in a prison cell and all of sudden she was experiencing life in a new way. It took the Spirit of God to set her free and give her a holy imagination of how he actually created her to be. She wants people to know is that God’s healing isn’t dependent upon our background.

Overcoming (14:58) 

Alissa shares how because God transforms us from the inside out we ought to see others how God sees them even when it’s difficult. So rather than saying someone is the way they are and they’ll never change is not gospel. We have a divine responsibility to reach out and help others grow in the areas where they’re weak.

Conflict Resolutions (20:24)

Alissa talks about how when we have an inner conflict with someone, rather than thinking it’s someone else shortcoming and to roll past it, saying something immediately rather than dramatizing it or making a big deal out of it is powerful to deal to call others up to a higher way of living.

“Not For Me” Mantra (26:00)

Over the past 6 months Alissa has been working out with the Lord renouncing the inner lies or vows she’s made with the enemy over the years that good things are not for her. A mentor encouraged her to keep proclaiming the truth over herself so Alissa chose to speak God’s truth, “I am chosen and I am wanted” and she experienced breakthrough in a profound way.

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