Create A Podcast Your Fans Will Love with CARRIE ROBAINA!!!

So I hear you want to start a podcast. Maybe you're confused or you don't know where to start. Perhaps you're afraid of tech or don't have the time. Well, my Rock Your Podcast® course will take you from Zero to Podcast in 30 days! 

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Learn how to start a podcast with Carrie Robaina


Rock Your Podcast® is digitial online course created with the first-time podcaster in mind. It's a simple, step-by-step course designed to take the overwhelm out of podcasting where you will literally go from Zero to Podcast in 30 days! 

  • Work at your own pace. The course is housed inside a private, "members-only" online platform you can acesss from anywhere at any time! 
  • Learn the ins & outs of podcasting with simple, step-by-step video tutorials
  • Discover how to turn your passion into a purposeful podcast to build community and broaden your reach 
  • Exclusive access to me in a private Facebook Coaching Group
  • And much more!!!  

This course is currently closed. Click the button below to get on wait list.


Jennifer Allwood, Host of The Jennifer Allwood Show

Carrie has been a wealth of information for me to get my podcast launched and have it be successful. She has so much knowledge on software and equipment and how-to. Plus her expert advice has helped me to book incredible guests and get my podcast HEARD. I could NOT have done my podcast without her help!!!

Tara Brueske, Musician & Entrepreneur 

Carrie's coaching skills in podcasting and biz mentoring are excellent from the get-go. Her savvy and keen know-how of today's social media combined with a thoroughness in how she teaches sets her apart in quality and commitment to her students. In podcasting, she knows how to bring a student from being a total beginner to someone who can feel confident. She helps them see the big picture of putting together a podcast, from declaring a vision and content to bringing the technical end together. I highly recommend her!

Chastity Stemmons, Speaker & Stylist 

Carrie is a faith-filled, fireball teacher with the wisdom and knowledge to help others walk in purpose! I had the great pleasure to speak on her podcast which led me to believe I could launch my own. I took Carrie’s “Rock Your Podcast” course and it rocked my world! Her course gave me the practical tools I needed to launch my very own podcast with confidence. I can’t thank her enough for the special gift that she is to the world.

This course is currently closed. Click the button below to get on wait list.

Here's what I will teach you in Rock Your Podcast®...


Game Plan. In this module you'll build a solid foundation for your podcast including how to pair your skill with your passion to create a rockin' show topic, discoverig who your ideal listener is, naming your show & crafting your vision statement. 

Module 1.1 - Where Skill Meets Passion Module 1.2 - Defining Your Audience Module 1.3 - Choosing a Podcast Topic Modulle 1.4 - Crafting Your Mission & Vision Statement Module 1.5 - Review


Build Your Show. Now that the foundation is laid you'll make decisions about your podcast like your format, the length of your show, how to book guests & booking ettiquette, scheduling tips to make life easier & the best and most affordable equipment to get started with. 

Module 2.1 - Podcast Format Module 2.2 - Booking Guests Module 2.3 - Podcast Equipment Module 2.4 - Show Flow Module 2.5 - Creating Cover Art For Your Show


Technology. You will learn the step-by-step how to use your equipment, how to edit & record your episodes, where to host your podcast and how to connect it to your website.

Module 3.1 - Podcast Creation Workflow Module 3.2 - Recording and Editing Your Show Module 3.3 - Recording Interviews Module 3.4 - Exporting and Tagging Your Show Module 3.5 - RSS Feed Module 3.6 - Website


Launch Your Show. By week four ready to launch. You'll learn how to submit your show to iTunes, a launch plan that will get you off to a rockin' start and how to market your show so that you can serve your tribe and build your email list in the process! 

Module 4.1 - Submit Your Show To iTunes Module 4.2 - Best Practices Module 4.3 - How to Make Money Podcasting

This course is currently closed. Click the button below to get on wait list.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What can I expect?

Once you purchase the Rock Your Podcast® course, you will be assigned a username and password to the course which is where you will access the course modules and step-by-step tutorials. You will also receive an email with other information like how to access our Private Facebook Community and a course schedule. 

  • What's the start and end date of the course?

Great question! Although you have lifetime access to the course at anytime via your personal login information, the "official" start date of the course coaching via our private Facebook Community varies throughout the year when the course is open for enrollment.

  • What kind of technology do I need?

All you need to begin is a computer, wi-fi and an email account! In the course I'll guide you through what type of microphone to buy and what type of software you'll need to record and edit with...much of it's free

Learn how to start a podcast with Carrie Robaina.

Hey Rockstar, I'm Carrie Robaina

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am the course creator as well as an entrepreneur & host of the She Walks In Truth podcast. I have 20 years combined experience in broadcast journalism and digital media and I am so honored and thrilled to teach you how to podcast with purpose. 

I designed Rock Your Podcast® with the first-time podcaster in mind so you know exactly where to start, what to do, how to launch powerfully and begin building community (and your list) through podcasting. By the end of this course I am confident you'll Rock Your Podcast!  

Professionally, I have experience in broadcast journalism, radio promotions/marketing, television news writing, teaching, social media management and business leadership. I LOVE to teach and simplify information into tangible, bite-sized pieces!  

This course is currently closed. Click the button below to get on wait list.