Dr. Darlene A. Mayo MD FAANS is a board certified neurosurgeon and a neuroscientist. She joins the She Walks In Truth Podcast today to chat about the connection between neuroscience and faith and how God has uniquely designed the mind to function. Dr. Mayo’s current focus is helping people learn how to maximize the function of their brain through teaching online courses, coaching, master classes, and writing.

Introduction to Dr. Darlene A. Mayo MD FAANS (3:00)

Dr. Darlene A. Mayo shares about what makes up her identity in all facets of life and her story on being called away from surgical practice of 10 plus years and into a new realm of influence.

Neuroscience and its Importance (6:20)

Neuroscience is a fascinating topic and it’s especially important for Christians to learn more about it.

Science is a Gift from God (8:00)

When we ask God for things with faith and confidence it utilizes the creative capacity in our brain system.

What Happens When We Ask God in Fear (9:45)

Carrie and Dr. Mayo discuss the importance of what we let our minds focus on, how that can either benefit or hinder our overall well being, and the connection between Biblical views and these findings.

Filtering the Brain Right (11:20)

Our brains can’t tell the difference between what we visualize or imagine, and what is an actual reality. It’s important to choose carefully how we think about ourselves and life situations.

A Book in the Making (13:20)

A new book written by Dr. Darlene A. Mayo about faith and the mind will be published soon.

Steps to Apply Neuroscience in Everyday Life (13:40)

One, gratitude and praising God. Two, Writing down prayers and visualizing them. Three, praying before you go to bed

Writing is Beneficial For the Brain (18:00)

Carrie poses a question in regards to writing things down and it’s benefit for the brain.

The Brain Can Change (20:00)

Brains rewiring is possible, no matter the age.

Advice on Rewiring the Brain (22:00)

One, write down negative thoughts. Two, write down why those negative thoughts are not true based on God’s word. Three, throw away the paper with negative thoughts and keep the paper with God’s truth handy to review. 

Working in the Science Field as a Christian (23:00)

There are limitless connections between neuroscience and the Christian Faith!

Myths Surrounding Neuroscience  (24:00)

Carrie and Dr. Mayo take a few minutes to debunk several myths that are commonly believed in regards to neuroscience.

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