Whitney Putnam is a dreamer and a visionary. She’s a mom and pastor’s wife from Liberty, Missouri and attends a church near a peacock farm. She loves engaging women through writing and speaking on various topics including imperfectly brave living and anything that God stirs deeply in her soul. Today she joins the She Walks In Truth podcast to talk about living imperfectly brave through the seasons of life.

Back Story (3:24)

Whitney shares how she is figuring out how God is gifting her and how he wants to use us. She loves to inspire women to lean into God in the season they’re in.

Multi-faceted (6:23) 

Whitney and I talk about how oftentimes we feel we’re being judged by whatever it is we’re doing but in reality we could be imagining it. She shares how one day she her daughter came home from school after filling out one of those “About Mom” and how one of her daughter’s answers changed the way she speaks about the work the Lord’s called her to do with her children. So often we need to reconcile our gifts within ourselves.

Biblically Founded Friendship (13:00) 

Whitney talks about friendship and how it takes work and honesty to have real friendship. It takes work and we’ve got to keep showing up for one another. She opens up how she was hiding something from her closest friends for two years when she was tempted to isolate and run, but instead opened up!

A Season of Suffering (16:12) 

Right now is in an intense season of suffering as she is walking her mom through a rare disease yet Whitney believes that walking through it is as honor. She’s learning there can be great joy and even laughter in grief. How each morning we need to wake up and come and die to ourselves daily.

Imperfectly Brave (22:27) 

Whitney talks about the back story of this ministry that was birthed out of a prayer group in her living room. They were committed to getting together and praying together. She and the team have developed a complete teaching series around prayer.


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