137: Turning Pain Into Purpose with Adrienne Richardson | Carrie Robaina

Adrienne Richardson is the owner of Powerplay Media, a marketing company that specializes in creating highly profitable Facebook and Instagram ads. This successful businesswoman created two incredible companies by turning her pain into purpose and is a wife and mom who loves Jesus, hockey and coffee. Adrienne’s passionate about helping business owners fulfill their mission to impact others with their unique gifts and talents and today she joins me for a conversation that will inspire you to turn your pain into purpose too.

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This Week’s Takeaways: 

  • Adrienne and her family live in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s a mom of two children and has an incredible testimony of her marriage being restored by the grace of God!
  • Whether it be postpartum depression or something else, there’s no shame in getting help to stay safe! If you know someone struggling with postpartum depression, I encourage you to spend time with that person and help them with anything you can. Often times in situations like this, the best thing you can do is help that person even if they don’t ask for it. If you’re struggling with a form of depression, I highly encourage you to find a support system!
  • God works in so many different ways in our lives whether we recognize it at the time or not.
  • Out of Adrienne’s difficult time with postpartum depression, she created a magazine called “South Jersey MOM”  to help other women working through challenges too. Creating the magazine was a tool that not only helped Adrienne move forward and heal but also impacted many others in such a positive way.
  • God has given every person a gift and a skill that is meant to solve a problem for someone else. When it comes to sales and business, we should see it as serving someone else. We owe it to those people to offer our products and services!
  • “Power Players in Business and Life” is a podcast Adrienne recently started where she talks about business and life’s challenges. Be sure to check it out here.

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