Aubrey Sampson is the Director of Discipleship and Equipping at Renewal Church in the Chicago area. As a speaker, writer, and church planter, Aubrey offers an incredible perspective in the midst of trying experiences. She Joins the podcast today to talk about her book, “The Louder Song” and her perspective on lament.

Why Aubrey wrote “The Louder Song”  (4:10)

Aubrey shares that life is hard but we are made to overcome. It has not always been easy for her, yet she has learned how to walk through tough seasons of lament. Aubrey’s book shares about what she has found during these times-a deeper hope, faith, and sense of God’s presence than ever before.

Lament From a Biblical Perspective (8:15)

Aubrey shares a bit about lament from a Biblical point of view.

How to Work Through Lament  (11:15)

Aubrey chats about practical ways she worked through lament as written in her book.

Grief is Dynamic (16:00)

Grief is not a one and done type of thing. Aubrey shares more in depth that if we can continue being honest about the journey of grief before God, he really will meet us with the faithfulness and the presence of Jesus in our deepest and darkest hours. There are practical ways to lament in which we can find in many scriptures of the bible. It’s important to be okay to mourn.

An Unexpected Surprise to the Lament Journey at a Concert (24:15)

Aubrey shares about her experience at a concert that helped her understand more of God’s character during seasons of Lament.

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