A little bit about Carrie….

One of Carrie’s biggest passions is encouraging women in faith, business and podcasting with purpose. She hosts She Walks in Truth and Designed to Thrive podcasts and is currently pursuing a masters degeree in theology and leaership from Wheaton College.

Carrie is a published author, speaks at business events and Christan events. She is also a member of the Christian Women in Media Association.

Carrie would be honored to speak at your next event, be a guest on your podcast or join you for a video broadcast. Please fill out the form below to get in touch with Carrie and the team.

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Mailing Address: PO Box 571
Gardner, KS 66030

Some of Carrie’s Favorite Topics To Speak About Include:


  • Everyday evangelism
  • Overcoming fear
  • Fruitful friendship
  • Faith in the marketplace
  • Identity in Christ
  • Living beyond on the four walls of the church


  • Servant leadership
  • Kingdom principles
  • Why balance doesn’t exist
  • Building a team with heart
  • Setting healthy boundaries


  • How to start a podcast
  • Podcast with purpose
  • Creating community through podcasting
  • Why now is the time to podcast

Carrie On Various Types of Media 


Creative business owners may have some hang-ups about how to utilize podcasting as part of their marketing strategy. I’m speaking with broad casting pro Carrie Robaina, host of “She Walks in Truth,” about how podcasting is not as difficult at is it appears and why creatives should consider doing one. We discuss the benefits of nurturing a podcast audience, who would make a great podcast … and who wouldn’t! These podcasting statistics are going to surprise you! Carrie is teaching her step-by-step strategy and plan in her new course – Rock your Podcast, which guides business owners how to launch a podcast in 30 days. Listen here >


Carrie Robaina and Graceful Gladiator podcastAre you experiencing hurt from loss that you have experienced? Carrie shares transparently what it feels like to go through loss of: her mom. multiple pregnancies, jobs and health. And yet, she brings the gentle and encouraging truths of all the ways God has more than redeemed her story and brought beauty from asheWe also discuss: Looking around to see the call God has placed on other people’s lives – Keeping our eyes focused on our own calling – Cheering other women on – If there is no room at the table for you, start your own and make room for others – Opening our eyes to see other women’s needs – Where you feel isolated, you have been called. This episode is vulnerable and encouraging, we hope you leave the arena today feeling hope over every area of your life that is experiencing brokenness!! Listen here >


Carrie Robaina speaks about lifestyle evangelism on Fist Pump Friday with Mendy Shriver.New Fist Pump Friday episode featuring Carrie Robaina from the She Walks In Truth podcast. She speaks boldly about about lifestyle evangelism and encourages us all to do more of it. It’s truly amazing.               Listen here >


Christian podcaster Carrie Robaina host of She Walks In Truth joins the Life Builders by Julie Hamilton podcast based in California. Carrie Robaina joins the Life Builders by Julie Hamilton podcast to dive deep into topics like racism, women in ministry and podcasting with purpose.           

 Listen here >


Carrie joins The Honest Health Hour with Karen Stene Finch to chat about living a healthy life spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Carrie shares experiences from childhood and teenage years that helped her build confidence as well as some difficult circumstances from losing her mom when she was just 20 years old to losing 6 babies due to miscarriage & ectopic pregnancies and a long bout of suffering from migraines. She talks about how God has seen her through the good times and the not so easy times.


On this episode of Let’s Talk with Teresa Ann, Carrie and Teresa Ann get into details of faith and how sometimes letting go of things that we love to do might be the very thing the Lord is asking us to do. It’s not always easy to let go but in hindsight we can see the hand of God at work in our lives. Carrie hosts “She Walks In Truth” and makes time for coffee with Teresa Ann. Carrie, who currently resides in Minnesota, has over 20 years experience in broadcast journalism in both television and radio and utilizes that media platform to convey with incredible passion for her sisters to walk in Truth with The Person Jesus by the power of Holy Spirit. Watch here.


Carrie Robaina is an entrepreneur and leader in business who wholeheartedly believes that all people can learn the art of leadership. Her passion really is to see others see themselves more as servants who lead rather than leaders who serve. There’s a huge difference between the two and once a business person can take hold of that, Carrie feels everything about their organization changes. On this business training call for leaders Carrie talks about 5 key points in leadership including the myths that balance exists and that skillset is all it takes to be an effective leader.