119: More than your Circumstances with Caren Lee | Carrie Robaina

Caren Lee is a teacher, lacrosse coach, and lover of Jesus Christ. Today she joins the show to talk about the Father’s love. Listeners on the show today will be encouraged to dig deeper into God’s love for people all around.

Introduction to Caren Lee (2:20)

Caren is currently an 8th grade science teacher and passionate about helping people take authority over their minds and to know the Father’s heart for themselves and others. On a daily basis she seeks out the presence of God and does her best to listen to the Holy Spirit every step of the day. What a beautiful lifestyle she lives!

A Spiritual Journey  (3:40)

Growing up in a home of divorce, challenges, and anxiety, Caren took on quite a bit at a young age. When she was 18 years old, Caren found herself at a Young Life camp where the gospel was shared and it floored her inner being. It was in that time she surrendered her entire life to the Lord. During college years, Caren struggled with depression but was radically healed after an evening of prayer with a group of people she was very close with.  

The Heart of God (6:30)

When Caren was set free from depression, she learned the power of the holy spirit in such a tangible way! From there a desire was birthed to walk in step with the Holy Spirit everywhere she went and in that process she learned when it came to the Father’s heart, no one needs to strive, rather we need to belong. 

A Butterfly (7:30)

Caren shares a simple yet profound story on how God spoke to her through a butterfly she found in the sand. God was breaking her out of the darkness and bringing new life while using something as simple as a butterfly. How has God been speaking to you lately?

Heart Posture (9:30)

God doesn’t want us just to help perform signs, wonders and miracles, He wants our heart completely devoted to Him!

Rest and Revelation (10:00)

After 5 school snow days this past winter, Caren had more down time than she expected in one week. Through this time of rest she received revelation from the Lord about creating, resting, and trying new things. Caren was reminded of how important it is to create and not limit the way we spend quality time with God.

Called to Create (12:00)

God is calling us to be creative and to trust Him with all the details of our lives. Creativity takes on so many different forms, may we never limit what that could look like.

Take Risks (13:45)

It’s so important to take risks in creating. Try something different, step into a new place of freedom! We encourage you to take an uncomfortable risk and see how God shows up in the process.

Friendship with God (15:00)

Carrie poses a question asking Caren to elaborate on a difficult dynamic she has personally gone through in her life that may resonate with other listeners. Rejection has been a result of many challenging experiences in Caren’s life from people she thought would never betray, leave, or treat her in a certain way. In this process of experiencing rejection multiple times, she learned over time what it meant to have friendship with God and how He would never leave or forsake her.

Resting in Grace (17:00)

Caren shares that she used to put intense pressure on herself to try and do everything right so that she could change a person or a situation. Lately, Caren has been undoing that belief system while learning how to receive that no one’s worth is found in what he or she can do but real worth is found in the Father’s love for us. Check out 2nd Corinthians 12:9 to read the verse connected to this insight. 

Strength in Him (19:00)

Every time we try to do things in our own strength it’s not going to work out as well as it could have with inviting God into it all.

Psalm 45:10 (19:45)

If we look into the Father’s eyes, we know that we don’t have to strive anymore. Check out Psalm 45:10 to read the verse Caren referred to. 

Authority Over the Mind (20:50)

The battle of the mind is a real thing! Through a season of disappointment, God gave Caren tools to take captive her thoughts. The power of Jesus Christ is incredible, may we receive that power through the way we think too.

Free (22:30)

We need to declare that every thought must bow down to the authority of Jesus in our life! When we fully repent from our thoughts we can be free from them.

Delight Ministry (23:30)

A big goal of this ministry was to empower women in going deeper with vulnerability in community, and to know the victory is found in Jesus Christ.

Holland Michigan Happenings (25:15)

Much of the church community in Holland Michigan seems to be focusing on house church development and discipleship. Though house church development may look different in other areas, the communities in Holland are interested in living a lifestyle of missions, doing life together, and laying their lives down for one another.

Be Encouraged (28:00)

Caren encourages listeners who are battling with a decision on what to do next or to take a risk wanting to do something different, to ask yourself, “are you seeking answers from God or seeking His face?” As we seek God’s face with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, God will give you the answers you need. So go, be in his presence and ask God for the belief to know seeking His face is of most importance!

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