139: Many Hands Make Light Work with Cheryl Stritzel McCarthy | Carrie Robaina

Get ready to take a dive into the unique life of Journalist and Author, Cheryl Stritzel McCarthy! Well spoken and a great writer, you’ll enjoy getting a peak into Cheryl’s childhood and enjoy our conversation on the importance of shaping family culture.

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This Week’s Takeaways

  • Today in our society there’s a ton of social upheaval, and sometimes that can be challenging to navigate. Still, I encourage you to keep your own family culture strong, no matter what’s happening outside of your home.
  • A husband and wife having a strong partnership with shared goals is important to the health of a family unit.
  • Children are more capable than you think. Allow your children to have real work to do, when you expect more out of them, they’re able to show you what they’re capable of.


  • Family life is a great learning lab for practicing how to get along as an adult. If our kids learn those lessons well in childhood, it’s setting them up for success to have meaningful relationships in the future.
  • Because of the different cultural dynamics in our family, we’ve had to work through different social rituals and find what fits us best. For us, the dinner table is really important so having one meal together at least once a day is a priority. This helps teach my kids to belong, to feel secure, accepted, and safe!
  • Cheryl recently wrote a book which is a memoir called, “Many Hands Make Light Work.” She talks about her experiences of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in a town in the midwest, with 8 siblings and parents who trusted them to work hard. Click here to grab your own copy!


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