Get ready to be equipped with tools on how to embrace a wholistic life so you can be the healthiest version of yourself from the first of my two part series interview with Dr. Christine Stueve. This brilliant woman joins me for a conversation about her healing journey and how that led her to dig deeper in science, natural medicine, and what God’s word says about it all.

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This Week’s Takeaways  

  • Over the last couple hundred years, we have steered away from natural medicines and that has made it hard to see how the use of frequency, vibrations, and energy for healing purposes when applied in the guidelines of God’s word is good. However, natural medicine can be a great alternative to mainstream medicine today.
  • It’s good for you to ask God if there is anything holding you back from Him or from full healing. We should not shut down the hard things we deal with because those hard things are opportunities to dig in and to know God’s character even more. 
  • We all understand pain and we all understand fear. Each comes in different forms and expressions depending on who you are and what your unique genetic expression is. When we start to understand more about how the body functions in God’s image, we can understand the process of God’s plan for healing too! 
  • When it comes to practical equipping tips on moving from trauma to living a different way of life, Dr. Christine Stueve advises you to embrace the word of God with a surrendered heart and a willingness to let go of past trauma. 

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