132: Wholistic Living: Part Two with Dr. Christine Stueve | Carrie Robaina

Get ready to dig deeper into some of the causes of health issues and from the second of my two part series interview with Dr. Christine Stueve. This brilliant woman joins me for a conversation on how trauma affects health and how God has developed our bodies in such a way to heal. Grab your pen and paper and take a listen! 

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This Week’s Takeaways 

  • Dr. Christine Stueve shares that dealing with the spiritual aspect of pain is often the most important part of healing. One of the main reasons why people don’t walk in victory of their health is because it’s a deeper, generational sin pattern that is hindering you. There are hidden strongholds we need to break agreement with, it’s simply a matter of walking through and praying through those strongholds. 
  • Let’s make sure to not be afraid to dig into the deeper issues with the Lord! Writing things down and becoming aware of past hurts is half the battle. When we recognize how our past may be affecting us in a negative way today, we are then able to release it and let it go. 
  • The sooner our kids know their identity in the Lord, the better! 
  • It’s pretty amazing that we can train our nervous systems out of stress patterns. Though it takes persistence, perseverance, and trust, if we embrace the process, it actually works!  
  • God wants to see you joyful, He desires for us to experience how amazing this life can be! 
  • Dr. Christine Stueve has so many great resources for you to check out! Purchase her book “Dust to Diamonds” here. Be sure to learn more about the Sano Wellness Center here and the Neuroscience Institute of Pastoral Medicine here too! 

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