Christianity and how neuroplasticity shows us that we can rewire our brains.

Connie Tresedder is a joyful and energetic lover of life. She is an expert at teaching people to control worrisome, stressful thoughts. She has taught at the college level for over 20 years inspiring her students to believe in themselves and discover their true purpose. Connie has also coached people for years helping them to hear God’s voice. Thanks to brain science and research about neuroplasticity, she is able to give people tools to re-wire their brains so they can control negative thoughts.

Faith Story (4:12) 

Connie’s been a teacher most of her life teaching at the college level, youth group, children and women. She says she used to struggle with low self-esteem because grew up with an alcoholic father and didn’t feel valued. Her family didn’t attend church and in 5th grade a friend from school invited her to VBS when she invited Jesus into her life. She ended up going to church with that family because of them including her and welcoming them into their home.

Impacting Others (7:50) 

Connie talks about how right she’s passionate about helping people break through roadblocks that’s keeping them from their God-given purpose. It doesn’t matter what age someone is, they’re not too old or too young to have a purpose. Letting God shift and turn us in a new direction isn’t as scary as it seems. It’s worth taking a leap of faith and opening ourselves up to God’s plan.

Getting Unstuck (12:50)

Connie says she helps people get unstuck and a lot of times people don’t even know they’re stuck. There could be an experience in childhood that’s impacting them as adults. Through conversational prayer God shows up and helps reveal what’s impacting the person.

Neuroplasticity & The Brain (15:40)

God is our creator and he knows exactly how he created our brains. Thanks to research done in neuroplasticity and brain science, we can change our brain and our brains change because of the way we think. Sometimes we have to go deeper because the brain is wired and will take the path of least resistance but we can rewire them.

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