Crystal Hodges is speaker, writer, and resilient leader. On this episode she shares her personal experience with cyber bullying. Because of her facial difference, she was the target of a social media post that went viral to over 30 million people. Her story raises awareness on this very real, hurtful issue in our culture today. Crystal shares practical insights on ways you can help protect the privacy of others, be sensitive as to what kind of content should be shared online, and how we can all use our God sized dreams for the betterment of this world. Let Crystal inspire you on how to use your difference to make a difference in your life!

Introduction to Crystal Hodges (2:30)

Crystal grew up in a baptist home, with a deep heritage in the Christian faith. At around six years old she accepted God, and at twelve years old decided to be all in for His glory. This leader is a gal on the move, working hard to encourage and empower others with a message that we can all make a unique difference in this life.

A Facial Difference (5:00)

Crystal has had to deal with a lot of attention to her face because of how many people give negative attention on her port wine stain birthmark. She has had to deal with quite a bit of health treatment, stares from people, harsh comments, and much more.

Cyber Bullying (6:00)

Crystal knows well what it can look like and feels like to be bullied. In the recent past, a photo of her with the port wine stain birthmark went viral to 30 million people around the world via social media, which in return made her headshot become a digital symphony cause.

Be Cautious (11:00)

It is very important to be cautious with what we post on social media in this day and age as well as how we go about purchasing photos. A photo gone viral over social media to one person may look funny, but to another person it might be their unwanted face portrayed.

Born to Overcome (12:00)

We have a choice to be dwellers of the pain or to overcome for something greater. Crystal learned this lesson after a dear friend spoke truth and challenged her thinking in regards to her unique facial difference and how she could use her life experiences to make a difference in this life. From there, she was empowered to live a life of overcoming rather than a dweller of pain.

Dream Board (13:30)

Crystal decided to create something called a “Dream Board”, which allows her to visualize, set goals, and dream with God on what she truly desires in this life.

A Greater Passion (19:00)

Carrie poses a question in regards to asking what Crystal is passionate about. Crystal elaborates on how she finds great purpose in teaching, challenging, and encouraging others to treat people with kindness no matter what they look like or who they are. She’s been asked to speak at events, share her story, teach, and plans to continue engaging with communities in this capacity.

Our Words Have Impact (21:00)

Whatever you say to somebody, you don’t get to decide what sticks. We have the power to choose what we let out of our mouths, may we be wise and discerning with this gift.

The Travelin Chic Blog (22:00)

Carrie touches on a blog post Crystal wrote titled “13 Things to Remember about Health Advocates and Role Models”. To check this blog out click here.

Healthy Boundaries (23:00)

Just because someone may have an influential platform, doesn’t mean they need to respond to everyone. It is in our best interest as followers to understand and respect that people on platforms need healthy boundaries too.

Writing and Speaking (25:00)

Crystal is now full time pursuing her vocation in writing and speaking. She quit her job after getting married and is excited to have more space and time to fully invest into this realm of influence.

Encouragement from Crystal (28:45)

Carrie asks Crystal to share a word of encouragement to the listeners and Crystal responds back with “God knit you together with intention and purpose, you’re beautiful and to never forget that we were all made with intention.” 

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