052: Alissa Holmes | Jesus: A Door of Hope | Carrie Robaina

Alissa Holmes is the Executive Pastor and Development Director for Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer. In addition she’s an admin and worship leader for a night and day house of prayer as well as works for a powerful inner healing ministry called Door of Hope. Alissa is also a writer, musician, filmmaker and artist who is passionate about creation in all of its forms. She loves seeing people transformed with the power of Christ after being delivered from severe depression and suicidal tendencies.

Testimony (2:48) 

Alissa is a pastor’s kid who came to know the Lord at the young age of 3. She struggled with nightmares and her mom led her through a salvation prayer and asked the Lord to take away the nightmares and he did. Then at the age of 9 she started with depression and suicidal tendencies due to some trauma in her childhood. At the age of 13 Alissa tried to run away from home and when she came back home her dad started crying and saying his baby was back. Those words from her father broke through a lie she had in her head that nobody loved her. That began a 6 year journey of healing. But in her twenties some other hardships caused her to doubt her relationship with God. God used a mother in the Lord to help Alissa walk through deliverance and ultimately began a 6 month healing process.

Walking Out Inner Healing (9:09) 

Alissa shares how when she was first walking out her healing it was like she had lived her whole life in a prison cell and all of sudden she was experiencing life in a new way. It took the Spirit of God to set her free and give her a holy imagination of how he actually created her to be. She wants people to know is that God’s healing isn’t dependent upon our background.

Overcoming (14:58) 

Alissa shares how because God transforms us from the inside out we ought to see others how God sees them even when it’s difficult. So rather than saying someone is the way they are and they’ll never change is not gospel. We have a divine responsibility to reach out and help others grow in the areas where they’re weak.

Conflict Resolutions (20:24)

Alissa talks about how when we have an inner conflict with someone, rather than thinking it’s someone else shortcoming and to roll past it, saying something immediately rather than dramatizing it or making a big deal out of it is powerful to deal to call others up to a higher way of living.

“Not For Me” Mantra (26:00)

Over the past 6 months Alissa has been working out with the Lord renouncing the inner lies or vows she’s made with the enemy over the years that good things are not for her. A mentor encouraged her to keep proclaiming the truth over herself so Alissa chose to speak God’s truth, “I am chosen and I am wanted” and she experienced breakthrough in a profound way.

Get In Touch 

Want to get in touch with Alissa? You can connect with her at www.tcjhop.org or www.doorofhopeministries.org.