074: Jenn Baxter | Watch Your Words | Carrie Robaina

Jenn Baxter is an author and speaker and joins the show again to chat about our words and how what we say and think makes an impact on our lives. She shares about how the Lord has opened her eyes to what speaking truth over our lives is and what it isn’t.

The Back Story (1:10) 

Jenn shares the back story about how God has been teaching her to fully depend on him and trust him and let go of her controlling ways. That he’s the one who empowers and equips her. The last piece of what He’s been talking to her is to watch what she speaks and thinks. Proverbs 18:21

The Danger of Affirmations Not Based In Truth (5:00)

Jenn talks about how we must be careful about what we speak because many of the positive thinking and affirmations that are floating around sound like truth but are they really based in God’s truth? One of the assignments God’s given her is to help women discern this.

Divine Appointments (19:00)

Jenn shares how God used the visual of a cassette tape reminder that He is providing, supplying and multiplying.

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