On this week’s episode of She Walks In Truth with Carrie Robaina, creative entrepreneur and business coach Jennifer Allwood joins the show to talk about the Equipped conference for Christian women in business who desire to arm themselves with tools to do business God’s way.

Back Story (5:48)

Jennifer shares the back story of how over the past few years her home decorating company transitioned to the online space of coaching other creative entrepreneurs how to use their abilities to make money online. She didn’t see it coming and considers it an honor to coach thousands of creatives who are able to put food on their table, employ other people and change their lives.

Equipped Conference (8:30)

Last year Jennifer went to several business conferences around the country and watched and observed. With a couple of them she noticed that a lot of people left with business strategy but not a lot of heart strategy or equipping. The whole time she asked the Lord what he was teaching her through those experiences.

What Jennifer came to understand is that so many people take online business courses that sit in their inboxes or do very little with them because what they’re missing is the heart and soul of business; the Biblical spiritual component. They’re missing what the Lord says about their business and who he says they are. Until they get that right, those courses will not really make a difference long-term. Many people are desperate for a change in their business because they’re desperate for a change in their life.

God Took the Unlikely and Shaped It Into a Reality (11:40)

Jennifer explains what happened as she began to consider what it would look like if she held a conference even though she felt like she was the unlikely choice because she’s never enjoyed public speaking. However, the Lord has continually bumped her out of her comfort zone over the past few years by being asked to speak on stages, start a podcast and encourage women on video.

When she began to look at the course of her business over the last several years she knows all the credit goes to the Lord himself, that when she doubled down on her quiet time and prayer for her business, everything changed. When she quit looking at her to do list in the morning and instead looked at the Word of God and asked what he had for her that day, things would change.

Using the Online Space for Purpose (16:20)

Jennifer opens up about how going live daily on Facebook for a month and although it helped her “reach” what she discovered is that women are desperate for a touch from heaven.

Speakers (24:14)

Jennifer reveals who the speakers are for the Equipped Conference and what each one brings to the table to not only ensure women walk away with strategy to apply to their business but also to hear from heaven.


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