107: Reaching the Nations with Gary and Lisa Black | Carrie Robaina

Gary and Lisa Black are global minded leaders, full of wisdom, encouragement, and passion for seeing the next generation set free. Speaker and entrepreneur Gary Black, and writer and advocate for the vulnerable, Lisa Black chat about their past experiences in life and passion for reaching the nations. Both of them are global minded leaders doing some major kingdom work and it is incredible. Get ready to be encouraged and inspired! 

Introduction to Gary and Lisa Black (1:30)

The Black family has lived in a variety of locations around the world, currently they’re living in Mijas, Spain! Gary Black was raised in a religious home and his mother and sister with special needs passed away at a young age. In the midst of having a large influence within national ministry, Gary also had a very challenging first marriage. At one point, his boys were kidnapped by his wife and eventually he won full custody of them back. After a painful season of divorce, Gary met Lisa and added two more daughters to the family.

Meeting Seth Barnes (6:15)

After Lisa and Gary met founder of the World Race Seth Barnes, this changed the trajectory of their life. Several months later their family sold everything they had and moved all 8 of the family members to Swaziland, Africa to pursue ministry opportunities locally and to mentor young adults on the World Race journey.

A Tragic Loss (7:30)

The Black family’s son who was a USA Rugby player got caught up with the cartels which eventually led to a violent death. In this time, Gary and Lisa felt like they could not make it through, but eventually found themselves in Spain, learning to let the pain transform them from the inside out.

A Background on Lisa Black (9:30)

Lisa was married at 19 years old and had children shortly after. Her first husband struggled with alcohol addictions and one night after years of being abstinent, he was killed from an accidental fall, resulting in a fatal head injury.

God’s Provision (12:30)

As Lisa worked through the trauma of her first husband’s death, she met an intriguing man, named Gary and soon fell head over heels. While it was a bit of a wild transition, she knew it was provision from the Lord for both of them.

The Best Comfort (14:30)

We are called to be comforted by God and as we let Him comfort us, it will transform you from the inside out!

Pain used for Glory (16:00)

God will always use our pain, He won’t let anything go to waste.

Radical Obedience (17:00)

When a husband and wife give their yes to God together, it’s a very powerful thing. To follow Christ with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, will cost everything, but it is totally worth it.

Be Faithful (21:00)

Gary encourages listeners to be faithful with what you have in your hands right now, do it really really well, and then see what God does with it next.

Involvement with the World Race (22:00)

Gary and Lisa are currently involved with the World Race ministry, where they help lead gathering events across the globe as well as help coach young adults on their transition back to the states.

Generation 42 Leadership Academy (23:00)

Generation 42 Leadership Academy is a nine month program focused on discipling and empowering creative leaders to go and be all that they were made. This academy focuses on training young adult leaders how to live missional, wherever their feet may go.

A Call to All Generations (26:00)

No matter what generation you were born in, we’re all called to partner together and see younger generations come alive. Millennials want to be discipled and boomers desire to have authentic relationships with the younger generation. As generations partner together, God’s glory will fill the whole earth.

Landing Zones (29:00)

Gary and Lisa have a passion to get a global network of wild people, willing to join in on multi-generational discipleship together. You can learn more about this by connecting with them here.

All Seasons (30:00)

God will use us wherever we are or whatever season we find ourselves in, if we allow it.

Rise Up (31:00)

It’s time for men to speak up be the leader they are meant to be within families and to the world. Gary shares from experience that the best thing father can do for the kids are having strong, loving, and healthy marriages.

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