I didn't need a hero; I needed a Savior | Carrie Robaina

I am giving thanks to God today that he rescued me from, well, me! If my self-worth was left up to me by pulling myself up from my bootstraps all the time or being the hero of my own story, I can assure you that hands-down I’d buckle under pressure. For real. Besides that, being my own legend sounds exhausting and if I’m real honest, sometimes I don’t want to wear boots even though they’re my favorite accessory. 🤣

The reality is that life is full of challenges and some of them so much more than my humanity can bear. I don’t need a hero; I needed a savior.

So on the days I don’t feel like showing up I choose to show up anyhow because of the One who gave it all. He’s rescued me from doubt, shame, insecurity, guilt and all that’s held me back from living a purposeful life. And guess what? He continues to set me free! It’s not a one and done thing. Those pesky things like feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness and anxiousness no longer have power over me because they’ve been defeated by the unconditional love, selflessness and sacrificial love of God.

Sisterfriend, that’s why I can boldly proclaim that what the world needs is less of me and more of Him. I wasn’t designed to carry my own burdens and neither were you, for the Lord’s yoke is easy and his burden is light. ❤️

What’s one thing you’re thankful to God for today? 

Much love,