Influencer for Christ | Carrie Robaina

Matthew 5:6 tells us, “Let your light shine before men so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

Did you catch that? In this passage Jesus is telling us to let our lights shine for Jesus shine through our good works and actions so that those whose lives we touch will give glory to God our Father! What that means is you and I are made to be influencers for the gospel.

Before you write me off with the word “influencer” please hear me out. Many Christ followers shy away from using their influence because it’s been engrained in them that stepping out is somehow bad or prideful. True. Seeking influence merely for the approval or praise of man is a rocky road that leads to sin, but if the goal is to be influencer so that others can experience the love, truth and hope of the gospel then it is a holy experience.

One way to be an influencer for the gospel is to seek and cultivate new opportunities and relationships with the purpose of giving glory to God. How else will others hear or know the Truth if the children of light hide behind the modern day false-comfort of complacency or political correctness? Pursuing 15 minutes of fame and trying to make to name for ourselves for the sake of being know by man will prove dissatisfying, but when those opportunities and platforms are used to glorify God, now that’s a powerful!

I pray today that you’d be satisfied with all you are in Christ. That as you steward the doors the Lord opens for you, you would walk through them confidently and with boldness because of the One you serve.

Much love,

Carrie Robaina