114: Walk Unchained with Jeremy Floyd | Carrie Robaina

Jeremy Floyd was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, and is a person who refuses to quit, aspires to inspire others, and hopes to make as many people possible smile in the process. Jeremy is someone God brought from self-hatred and making big mistakes to finding purpose realizing God can take broken vessels and make us whole through Jesus Christ. Listeners on the show today will be challenged and inspired to walk away from fear and motivated to step into their God given purpose in this life.

Introduction to Jeremy Floyd (3:00)

Jeremy moved from Chicago to Minneapolis in 2009. He has a twin brother that passed away at age 13 and another brother six years older than himself. His life has been the epitome of never giving up. Having faced abuse, brokenness, and deep grief, Jeremy learned from a young age to be a fighter. Growing up amidst the chaos he also realized that he could distract himself and others with laughter.

Light in Dark Places (4:30)

God will still allow good to come out of dark places. Our gifts can be used and cultivated in the darkest of times! Jeremy has done a lot of suffering in life and through the trials it taught him that sometimes we have to fight, claw, scrape, get down and dirty before we will rise up again.

His Ways, Not Our Ways (5:45)

God is intertwined in every single detail of our lives. Through the years of suffering Jeremy went through in life, he came to a place where he was ready to surrender fully to God. Jeremy did not want to know God based off what others would tell him, rather he was desperate to know God for himself.

Becoming A Son (6:30)

There are over 7 billion people on this earth, and how amazing is it that God would be mindful to each of our hearts!  Jeremy shares God seems to be making up the time now for what he didn’t have with his dad growing up.

True Identity (8:00)

True identity comes from God. As we discover who God is, we discover who we are. Going hand in hand, as we discover who we are in Christ, giftings are also discovered within!

A Quest For True Love (11:00)

Jeremy searched for true love in places like drugs, sports, alcohol, self image, and sex for a long time. In his adult years he came to a point where he knew that he needed God more than anything else in this life.

A Deep Cry (12:30)

God is always in pursuit of us, He will answer our cries.

God is Good (14:30)

God is good and he always will be good. Jeremy desires to live the rest of his life helping people believe again and finding their true purpose.

Find What Matters (14:30)

As believers we are created to go against the grain of the culture. We are born to live for the Kingdom of God. What are you doing for the kingdom?

A Strong Voice (17:00)

Carrie takes a moment to thank Jeremy for being a strong voice, helping pave a path for others to follow.

The Solution (18:00)

Jeremy believes the only way many issues will get resolved today is by turning back to Christ. There is a difference between saying that you are a “Christian” and living ones life out as a believer.

Wrestling (21:00)

After fighting back and forth being frustrated with God and wondering why he’s had to go through so much suffering in his life, Jeremy remembers a voice saying “I can’t take something from you that you never wanted to give up”. In that moment Jeremy said “I surrender” and believed in his heart God could take a weak yes and turn it into a strong yes.

The Pursuit (22:30)

Carrie elaborates on the importance of knowing God based off personal experience rather than the experience of others. We are not meant to ride on the coattails of other people and unfortunately there are people in the church who have yet to receive this revelation. It wasn’t until Carrie was challenged to go and share her faith to the world that she realized this for herself too.

Rise Up Church (24:45)

God is not a genie in a bottle, He is worthy of our full hearted pursuit and devotion. God is loving, but there are also things God hates. Everyday we are in a spiritual warfare, it is time for the Church to stand back up!

Walk Unchained (29:00)

Jeremy has chosen to embark on a walking journey from Minneapolis, MN to Santa Monica, CA starting June 1st, 2019. He will launch from the adult teen challenge center and the entire walking experience journey will be recorded. To follow along on the journey click HERE.

The Vision (30:00)

Jeremy had a dream of walking across the states since he was 10 years old but knew he wasn’t old enough to go quite yet. At age 13 his twin brother passed away and knew that his parents for sure would not allow him to walk after that either, for they didn’t want to lose another child. Fast forward years later, this past fall Jeremy found himself in his car praying and worshipping, and in that time received a vision from God revealing his calling and reminding him to do the walk across the states.

Moving Forward, Looking Backwards (32:45)

Often times God will prepare us for future endeavours without ourselves realizing it. Jeremy reflects back and sees how often he walked to places and had often asked himself “why do I have to walk so much”. Now he reflects on those past experiences and realizes there was always significance to it.

Childlike Wonder (33:00)

We were created to open our hearts to God. We were made to believe God could use broken people like ourselves to do mighty things in this world today!

Known (36:30)

In order to know our true selves, purpose, and giftings, we need to come close to God because he created us in the first place. For Jeremy, He discovered that he loves to make people smile and help people operate in their purpose. When he is making people smile and helping, that is where he feels most alive.

Find Your Purpose (39:00)

Jeremy cannot imagine dying and not doing what He was created to do. This walk is the start of a lifelong journey empowering and inspiring others to latch onto God and to find out what their purpose in this life is too. In this time of walking he will be making stops at rehab centers, youth homes, vlogging, and sharing the raw and real moments of everyday life on the ground. It’s going to be an amazing journey and we hope you choose to follow along too!

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