130: You Are the Girl for the Job with Jess Connolly | Carrie Robaina

Jess Connolly is a best selling author and coach passionate about equipping women to be all that you’re created to be! She joins the show today to talk about a new book of hers called “You Are the Girl for the Job: Daring to Believe the God Who Calls You”. This book not only shares why you are the girl for the job, but how God made you for the job. 

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Introduction to Jess Connolly (2:30) 

When Jess and her husband were first married, they ran a maternity home which taught them wild ministry lessons. In recent years, she’s started a ministry coaching women, helping to show how mighty God is within them. Jess loves coming alongside women, hearing what God has asked them to do, and encouraging them to do it. 

Behind the “Why” (6:20) 

Jess shares why she decided to write the “You Are the Girl for the Job” book. She shares that it was the book she needed to read, something full of God’s truth, about His capacity and ability in us for the days when we feel like we couldn’t or weren’t qualified.

Let’s Quit Now (9:15)

We cannot seek God’s glory and our own at the same time. If any part of our hearts has decided to seek to win instead of wondering at his goodness, let’s stop now. When we praise other people instead of God, we create a hierarchy that is not healthy. We need to quit those unhealthy and unholy motivations! God is our hero and our life is this opportunity for abundant and obedient worship to Him and Him only.

Obedience is Key (12:20) 

Our responsibility is to worship and to be obedient.

Six Principles (14:00) 

Jess shares six principles in her book. First, set your focus on work, life, and relationships in a healthy and Godly way. Second, take stalk of the story that has shaped your life. Third, fight fear and stand up for what the truth is. Fourth, Catch the God sized vision and learn to hear from God. Fifth, Make a plan for that vision and sixth, make the move. Take what you’ve been given and put obedience in your feet.

Make A Move (19:00)

Carrie highly recommends the “You Are the Girl for the Job” book. It’s filled with God’s truth, giving you permission to take action and make a move. To purchase the book, click here

Unconventional and Holy (21:00) 

Mary Magdalene was the very first person to see Jesus after he was raised from the dead. Think about it, this has a wild impact for women who feel like they aren’t qualified for ministry. 

Redeemed (23:00) 

Jesus takes broken people, heals them, then uses those same people for His glory.

He is Faithful (24:00)

No matter how long someone has or hasn’t been in Church, God’s word is alive and active. If we’re reading through scripture and a word resonates with your spirit, lets press into that! 

Be Encouraged (24:45)

It’s wildly important that you believe God says you are the one for the job, that He’s placed you where you’re at on purpose. God is not doubtful, scared, or nervous about your inadequacies. He will give you all the help you need to complete what He’s assigned you to. 

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