Kailey Mattarella is the founder of Joy Makers Project, a platform organization focusing on spreading joy in tangible ways through random acts of kindness and unexpected gift giving, all while encouraging others to do the same. Listeners on the show today will be empowered on how to be more outward focused in their everyday lives.

Introduction to Kailey Mattarella (1:50)

Kailey is 24 years old, currently living in Holland Michigan, working as the content manager for the She Walks In Truth podcast, and is in the process of building an organization called Joy Makers Project. Kailey has a passion for spreading tangible joy and sharing the Father’s love to everyone and anyone around.

Practicing God’s Presence (3:00)

In our everyday busyness of life, sometimes we are not aware of the presence of God. Carrie shares how it’s so important to be intentional in our walk with knowing He is here, He does guide, and He does place people in front of us everyday with great purpose in mind.

See the One (4:30)

Jesus was a master of one to one time with individuals. He knew the specific needs of their lives and took time to talk to them and teach them. Joy Makers Project tagline is “spreading joy, one person at a time”, and it is their goal to show people they are loved, seen, and valued.

The Background (5:20)

Kailey went on an 11 month mission’s trip this past year and during this time sought the Lord on different dreams and ambitions she had. One day she felt as if God asked her, “Kailey what would you be doing if money didn’t matter?” She thought to herself how cool it would be to spread joy in creative ways, and this is where the idea of Joy Makers Project first came about. We never know how one small act of kindness can change someone’s day or change the trajectory of someone’s life. Let’s be quick to help people feel noticed, cared for, and valued, all while pointing people to the source of true joy, that being Jesus Christ alone.

Dreaming into Reality (6:40)

Upon returning from the states, Kailey took a risk and pursued flexible, part time employment instead of getting a more secure job so that she could create space for growing Joy Makers Project and the ministry dreams God laid on her heart.

Finding the Name (7:12)

Kailey knew the name of her dream job would have something to do with joy in it, partly because that is a gift many people have called out in her and because of that, she desired to share that gift to the world. As Kailey had been exploring different name options, a close friend of hers one day said, “what about Joy Makers” which eventually led to the name, Joy Makers Project.

A Year of Discovery (9:35)

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details that we don’t actually move forward. God will give you what you need when you need it. Carrie encourages listeners to pay attention to what people say about you and who you are created to be, then take it to the Lord. Perhaps giftings people call out in you is something God is calling you into doing.

Spreading Joy (11:00)

A big part of Joy Makers Project is helping to equip people spread joy in creative ways. This ministry has done random acts of kindness at laundromats, parks, bus stops, and so much more.

Joy Makers Outreach (13:00)

Joy Makers Outreach is a space created for people to come together and spread joy in creative ways to the local community every Wednesday evening. Each outreach night has a unique theme and is structured into thirds. First, there is a time equipping and training, second, a time of going out and blessing the local community, and third, a time of coming back for a debriefing period to check in and see how that outreach experience went. Kailey has been able to spread the word about this weekly outreach by speaking at her local church as well as word of mouth.

Lifestyle Christianity (16:00)

People are craving community and Joy Makers Outreach provides something unique and different from a typical bible study. While bible studies are important, so is being sent out into the local community. God has commissioned us to go and share His love and make disciples. It’s so important to walk in that lifestyle of love!

Joy Story Cardstock (17:45)

Joy story cardstock is a resource for people who want to partner with Joy Makers Project. This cardstock is meant to be attached to any gift or random act of kindness someone does to help create a connecting point and way to learn more about this movement. Carrie shares several ideas on how listeners could spread joy. Want to purchase Joy story cardstock? Click here. 

The Conspiracy of Kindness (18:00)

Random acts of kindness can do so much for a community and individuals. On average, it may take non believers five significant spiritual encounters in their life before they give their lives to Christ. Just one act of kindness can be one of those significant encounters a person may need. Kailey shares how the book called “Conspiracy of Kindness” has taught her so much when it comes to servant evangelism and the importance of blessing others in tangible ways. Want to purchase the book? Click here. 

Partnership (21:10)

Coming alongside each other is so important and when it comes to spreading joy, more people on board the better! We encourage you to go and do your own random act of kindness then tag Joy Makers Project on Instagram or Facebook. Kailey shares that listeners can help grow this movement by purchasing joy story cardstock, subscribing to the weekly joy story emails, liking Joy Makers Project on social media, and spreading the word. Do you have an idea for Joy Makers Project? Feel free to reach out and share!

Joy is Contagious (23:22)

Kailey shares several special moments she’s had so far when going out and spreading joy in her local community. The first story she shares is about a time that she went into a local grocery store and bombarded a bathroom with sticky note encouragement at 10:00 pm at night. While putting sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, one woman approached her and was touched, sharing that it was an answer to prayer to meet someone who loves the Lord and was doing something about it too. One more story Kailey had was about meeting a group of teenagers when dropping off 200 pennies at the wishing well in downtown Holland, Michigan. This group of teenagers were so inspired that one of the gals reached out several days later and shared that she was going to spread joy in her local community now too.

The Multiplication Business (26:45)

God is in the multiplication business and may we never underestimate what one simple act of kindness could do or how that may inspire another person to go out and do the same.

Support Joy Makers Project (27:00)

There are so many ways you can partner with Joy Makers Project. Whether that be through spreading the word, prayer, monthly financial support, or becoming a joy maker yourself, any involvement is helpful!

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