Julia Winston is the CEO and leadership strategist at BRAVE Leadership consulting. She has worked for many individuals and corporations, holds two coaching certifications, and a masters degree in human resource development. Her passion is for kingdom women to rise in the workplace. Grab your pen and paper and take notes for what Julia has to say with leadership as a woman in the kingdom and how you can make a greater impact too!

Introduction to Julia Winston (2:15)

Julia grew up in the church in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. At an early age she came into relationship with God based our of fear, afraid that if she didn’t do what was right, God may of come after her. As Julia grew in the faith she realized God was not this big man in the sky waiting to pound on her head, rather the trinity and love of the Father was beautiful.

Made for Relationship (4:00)

It was through Julia’s relationship with Jesus that she really found who she was.

BRAVE Leadership Consulting and Kingdom Executive Unleashed  (5:35)

Julia helps Christian women rise to new levels of impact, influence, and income in their workplace. Some of her greatest spiritual advances came through work related things and she is passionate about helping women in this realm of influence too.

The Story of Joshua (7:00)

Joshua, the biblical character had a mandate to get up and lead people into the promised land and this was no easy task. Sometimes like Joshua, we are called to fight through seasons of life and different circumstances to help create a new standard, including helping others rise to that new standard too!

Catalyst to Spiritual Growth (8:30)

For some of us, our professional life is the very place God has in mind for us to grow spiritually too. God is calling some of us to the workplace not just to be there, but to actually have an impact, to have leadership positions, and to change industries with a kingdom focus. You are not alone in this and Julia is here to help you cultivate that calling.

Ambition Makes A Difference (10:15)

Ambition is not a bad word, God has given us ambition for a reason. The enemy has a bad habit of taking anything good God has created and tries to kill, steal, and destroy any part of it he can. In many ways, it seems ambition for women has been stolen by the enemy. As professional, Christian women in the Church, sometimes we’ve been told that we can’t work, rather we should be a stay at home mom or that we need to tone our spirituality in the workplace down. This is simply not true and it’s time to take our ambition back!

The Deborah Dilemma (13:45)

Deborah was a woman in the book of Judges who was a professional, military strategist to the king, a spiritual leader, a wife, mother, and prophet of Israel. There was no indication that these different roles she had clashed, in fact it seemed like she did great! Jael, is also a woman in the book of Judges who had a leadership role outside of the house. Both of these women who worked inside and outside of the home were used in tandem to accomplish God’s will. This is the same for today, be who God created you to be, not what your culture says you should be!

Inspired (15:00)

Carrie shares how she used to feel like she had to tone down her passion for business within the church four walls. Julia’s encouragement to be who God created you to be, not what the culture says, inspired Carrie to embrace the role she has in business no matter what.

Raising Up His Daughters (16:00)

God is in the process of raising up His daughters and is using Julia to help steward that in mighty ways.

Greater Impact (18:45)

In order to make a greater impact, as women in the workplace we need to rise in greater influence. One way to gain an influence is by going in with the heart posture of serving those who are in your industry.

Problem Solved (20:00)

Because Joseph and Daniel in Biblical times solved some major problems, this allowed them to have a greater impact and influence! When you make a positive impact, often times opportunities will come to speak into people’s lives spiritually.

Acronym for RISE (22:30)

Julia shares on what the acronym for RISE stands for. The first letter “R” stands for “Realize your divine mandate for work”. We will never understand our purpose apart from God so in order to find that purpose, we must seek God first and that’s on us to do.

“I” in RISE (25:30)

Take inventory of your tool kit and spiritual gifts. What gets you passionate? Ask God what He would like you to do with those passions.

“S” in Rise (26:45)

Serve your industry. God did not place you in the workplace just to complain, you are there to serve the people you work for. We are made to serve our realm of influence with solutions. What’s a problem you can help solve with where you’re at today? Ask the Holy Spirit for help in this too!

“E” in Rise (28:30)

Enlarge your circle of industry. It’s important to widen your network of influence with people that can offer you wisdom, new connections, and encouragement. Make sure you have these types of people in your spiritual and professional life.

Great Provider (32:00)

When you are determined to find and fulfill the mission God’s given you, He’s obligated to provide resources for you in return! There is a favor from God on other people for the mission He’s called you to. Be encouraged, friend!

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (33:30)

Let us disregard and cast off guilt about being working mothers and having ambition. If God has wired you this way, it is good. There is no glass ceiling in the kingdom and we have an audience of one before the Lord.

Speak Up (34:45)

If God has placed you in a position to speak, speak! It does not matter what the ratio of men to women is, speak up.

Free Training (36:45)

Are you interested in learning more about how you can rise to greater positions of impact, influence, and income at work without fasting, fighting or faking it? Check out this great resource here.

Importance of Identity (38:00)

It is so important to know whose you are and where you come from. Julia suggest for women listening on the show today, to write out an identity statement declaring who you are and who God says you are. When we know who we are in Christ, we are then able to walk into a room knowing that we’re there for a reason. True confidence comes from our perfect heavenly Father.

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