135: Carrie Robaina Unplugged {Life As A First Time College Mom} | Carrie Robaina

“Carrie Robaina Unplugged” is a new series of occasional episodes where I share what’s happening in my life, some things I’m working through, and so much more. Join me as I chat about the life changing experience of dropping my son off at college, filled with practical tips and insights gained from that eventful day!

This Week’s Takeaways 

  • Ethan, my oldest son knew he wanted to attend University of Kansas since he was in 5th grade!
  • I was at a loss for words when my husband Ricardo and I finally dropped off Ethan at the University of Kansas. Though tear jerking, it was also a memorable time of starting new traditions for the family.
  • If you’re a parent, be encouraged that you can start a new tradition regardless of how old your child is or what transition in life you’re in! Don’t be afraid to capture those precious moments with loved ones, just share with them why it’s important to you and make sure they know in advance what your intentions are.
  • It’s important to have conversations with your children transitioning into adulthood, asking if there has been anything in their life that you should apologize and ask forgiveness for. This can really help clear your mind as your child takes off!
  • God is a compassionate and loving God. What defines you is who you are in God’s eyes!
  • It’s so important to allow yourself to feel all the emotions and to give yourself grace.

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