112: You Are Enough with Lila Hermosillo | Carrie Robaina

Lila Hermosillo is a mentor, culture changer, and advocate in ministry for the young adult and college student populations.  She helps connect students to the Father through the latino culture. Anyone listening today will have their eyes opened to the significance of what culture one is raised in, and how we can use it for greater impact all around.

Introduction to Lila Hermosillo (2:00)

Lila currently lives in San Jose, California, and has been surrounded by the hispanic culture her entire life. Her parents were born in Mexico and she also graduated from San Jose State University, where her spiritual journey really took off.

A Testimony (3:30)

Before Lila was born, her family was invited to a new church, which her family still goes today. Lila grew up going to church yet she saw it as boring. She knew a lot about God and his love, but it wasn’t until she was a teenager that she started to really discover what faith was all about. Through various experiences, she also saw a lot of brokenness in the church, and decided she would only dip in a little bit with the whole church scene, but still wanted to be a good person.

The Wrong Seeking (6:00)

Lila fell into seeking affirmation and affection into places she should not have. She started to confuse friendships with how it could make her feel better which eventually led into a relationship with a girl.

A Good Fight (7:30)

Lila battled struggling to be obedient to God’s will for a little over a year.  She was happy, but knew it wasn’t God’s plan for her life. Very soon after that things ended, and Lila felt worthless. She felt undervalued and was hungry for affirmation.

A Special Wednesday (8:00)

After a conversation with a friend Lila broke down and released everything that had been on her mind and heart. In that same time, she asked God to come into her life where she said “I am yours, you are mine”. This was the moment that Lila’s life turned around.

Vulnerability (11:00)

God will use our brokenness and sinful nature to bring glory and freedom to all kinds of people. If it’s just one person’s life that is impacted for the better, then it’s worth it!

Walk in the Light (12:00)

We are meant to walk in the light. We are never meant to sit in isolation. Lila encourages listeners to let someone know what’s going on, to let them be trusted, and to ask for help. Community is key.

Walk in Love (14:00)

God is the one who solves the problems, not us! Keep your eyes out for people who are reaching out or may just need a listening ear.

Destino (15:00)

Similar to Campus Crusade, Destino is a ministry that promotes the Christian faith. Lila is currently working on campus as a mentor for people walking in their faith and growing.

The World Race (17:30)

The World Race is an 11 month mission trip Lila went on about 2 years ago. In this time she discovered how much she loves teaching the bible and seeing freedom happen. Lila’s desire is to see people truly know God. She wants to see chains broken and for people to truly love the Lord with all their heart, mind, and soul.

It Takes All Of Us (22:45)

Diversity is a beautiful thing! We can see a piece of God’s character and heart through it all.

Know Your Self Worth (24:00)

When we don’t know who God has called us to be, we fall into the wrong places. He knows your every need and thought. It is so important to be centered in Christ, otherwise we may look for love in the wrong areas!

Read the Word (26:00)

There is so much goodness in the bible. Reading is one way you can get to know God more. Lila shares that reading is one way you fall in love with God.

1st John (27:00)

1st John is an amazing place in scripture to take seekers of the faith to.

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