076: Mandy Meehan | Embracing A Tough Season | Carrie Robaina

Mandy Meehan joins today’s episode of She Walks In Truth to talk about embracing the unexpected in a tough season. Just over two years ago, right before she married her husband James, Mandy got sick and has been fighting for my health ever since. She shares about how her life has drastically changed including stepping down from a job she loved as an associate youth pastor at Life.Church and speaks to God’s faithfulness through it all. This episode will encourage your heart no matter what season of life you find yourself in.

Faith Story (3:34)

Mandy shares how her story is quite unique in that she doesn’t remember making the decision to follow Jesus because she was so young but she does remember wanting to make sure she was following Jesus and kept making the decision to follow God. She talks about how there’s never been a place she didn’t know Jesus. Mandy says it doesn’t mean she hasn’t had up and downs but she’s known him her whole life and has some great memories including the day she was baptized.

Embracing the Unexpected (7:548) 

Over two years ago Mandy’s life went completely different than she ever expected. A couple of weeks before her wedding she got a diagnosis of mono. She was still able to marry her husband James and go on her honeymoon and rather than getting better she seemed to present more symptoms. Mandy was nearly married, working full-time and barely functioning. She had to step away from her job as an associate youth pastor at Life.Church in Oklahoma City and felt like she was loosing her purpose. Mandy says circumstances were so difficult but at some point she felt like she was going to die.

Embracing Rather Than Endure (14:00)

Mandy shares how she began to share her story on YouTube. She nearly didn’t upload the first episode but it’s been great to see how God’s used her channel to give hope to people. Her love for nutrition and wellness has exploded and she’s been able to help even more people.

Ministry Online  (17:36)

Mandy talks about technology and how even though she isn’t able to go to church she is still able to serve online.

Finding Joy In Transitions (21:14)

Finding things to do that she really finds joy in was important to her. Even though she wasn’t able do those things very often she was challenged to make sure she was finding her contentment in Christ. Whenever you seek Jesus you’ll find joy and contentment. She’s always had a relationship with Jesus she’s had to fall on her face to seek Him in ways she never has.

Chronic Illness (25:00)

Mandy opens up about her diagnosis from Mayo Clinic. Initially she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and other smaller things that fall underneath that but she’s grateful to God for recent discoveries that are helping give her functional medicine doctor more insight to what my be going on.

Healthy Living (29:30) 

Before addressing the healthy living factors Mandy wants to address your heart to make sure that you know that God sees you and that you’re not alone.

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