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Overwhelmed With Where To Begin?

Have you tried launching your podcast but just feel stuck?

Are you ready to throw in the towel on your dream of launching one because you just don’t know how to figure this out?

Just like you, when I launched my first show I had no idea where to start.

I was intimidated by the new technology.

I didn’t know what to talk about.

It felt lonely.

I wasted hours, days and weeks piecing together information on how to launch.

It cost me time away from my family and from making money in my business.

It was frustrating.

But I learned some valuable lessons from that experience.


I learned that I do have a voice.

That I can learn new things and do them well.

Friend, you can too!

Maybe you have had a season of hidden-ness where you’ve been focusing on healing and restoration and in this season you are coming up out of ashes and into influence.

Perhaps you are a tenacious woman who has fought battles in the trenches and God is saying now is the season to amplify the voice he’s given you.

It could be you are an entrepreneur, educator, musician or lawmaker who has something valuable to release that will help others overcome obstacles in their lives.

This is what I know:

 There is a rising of women who will be releasing their voices from the mountaintops and I’m here for all of it!

That’s why right now I am throwing you the safety rope and ready to equip you to climb that podcast mountain to share your voice and invite others into YOUR community.

It is my personal mission to create a safe place where you can grow into who you’re called to become as you launch your podcast.

But here’s a secret: You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars learning how to launch a podcast no matter what the gurus tell you.

There are few key ingredients to launching your show that I call my secret sauce.

“1,000,000 downloads! Carrie has been a wealth of information for me to get my podcast launched and have it be successful. She has so much knowledge on software and equipment and how-to.  I could NOT have done my podcast without her help!!!”

Jennifer Allwood

The Jennifer Allwood Show

“Carrie’s course made launching a podcast a reality for me. Her step by step instructions, challenges and encouragement pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and take action. It’s a great feeling to walk out God’s purpose thanks to Carrie sharing her insight & knowledge. 

Rebecca Caldwell

Grit + Wit Podcast

“Within the first few months of launching my podcast and taking Carrie’s course my show ranked as one of the top podcasts in Apple Podcasts’ Nutrition category. This course absolutely changed my life and provided ALL of the tools needed for a successful launch.”

Kim Maravich

A Whole New You

Learn the basic skills of podcasting like tech and marketing (honestly, anyone can teach you that) but because your calling is higher, I’ll teach you how to build a strong foundation and clarify your message for who God is calling you to serve!



Game Plan. In this module you’ll build a solid foundation for your podcast including how to pair your skill with your passion to create a rockin’ show topic, discovering who your ideal listener is, naming your show & crafting your vision statement.

Module 1.1 – Where Skill Meets Passion

Module 1.2 – Defining Your Audience

Module 1.3 – Choosing a Podcast Topic

Module 1.4 – Crafting Your Mission & Vision Statement

Module 1.5 – Review


Build Your Show. Now that the foundation is laid you’ll make decisions about your podcast like your format, the length of your show, how to book guests & booking etiquette, scheduling tips to make life easier & the best and most affordable equipment to get started with.

Module 2.1 – Podcast Format

Module 2.2 – Booking Guests

Module 2.3 – Podcast Equipment

Module 2.4 – Show Flow

Module 2.5 – Creating Cover Art For Your Show


Technology. You will learn the step-by-step how to use your equipment, how to edit & record your episodes, where to host your podcast and how to connect it to your website.

Module 3.1 – Podcast Creation Workflow

Module 3.2 – Recording and Editing Your Show

Module 3.3 – Recording Interviews

Module 3.4 – Exporting and Tagging Your Show

Module 3.5 – RSS Feed

Module 3.6 – Website


Launch Your Show. By week four ready to launch. You’ll learn how to submit your show to iTunes, a launch plan that will get you off to a rockin’ start and how to market your show so that you can serve your tribe and build your email list in the process!

Module 4.1 – Submit Your Show To iTunes

Module 4.2 – Best Practices

Module 4.3 – How to Make Money Podcasting

Group Coaching Package


You will get access to everything in the Self-Guided Package as well as membership to our exclusive Podcast Your Purpose learning community on Facebook which includes monthly group coaching calls, open office hours with Carrie and feedback on your show as you work your way through the modules.

Done For You Package


Do not pass this up! Not only will you get everything that’s included in the Group Coaching Package but you will also get your show set-up and optimized in Libsyn, a professionally produced and voiced intro and outro, your first four episodes mixed, master produced and published, show notes and submission to the top podcast Apps!

My name is Carrie Robaina and I am the course creator of Podcast Your Purpose. I have 22 years of experience in broadcast journalism and digital media including television news, radio deejay, high school journalism instructor and host of the She Walks In Truth podcast.

I am a proud member of the Christian Women in Media Association and am currently working toward my Master’s degree in Evangelism and Leadership with the Propel Women cohort at Wheaton College.

My favorite color is turquoise, I like all things coffee and love my family and friends fiercely!

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