Rachel Wathen is a wise leader and family cultivator who joins the show today to share on challenging dynamics she went through when fighting off a sickness, to teach listeners how to overcome hard times, and so much more. Stay tuned for a sweet and joy filled conversation with Rachel and Carrie!

Introduction to Rachel Wathen (2:15)

Rachel’s parents were raised in the catholic church and at about 23 years old they were introduced to the Holy Spirit. Being introduced to the Holy Spirit brought them into deeper relationship with the Lord, so from the get go Rachel had an awareness of who God was. She is the youngest of four children and her siblings have helped create a solid foundation in her life.

Rachel Today (4:15)

Rachel graduated college about a year ago, was a nanny for some time, and currently is an instructional assistant for students with disabilities. Her older sister recently had a baby and most of her free time is spent holding that child!

Chosen (5:30)

All of Rachel’s siblings have chosen the Lord at one point or another in their life. Together, they feed off each other and it allows them to learn more. How beautiful!

Wisdom Comes Through Experience (7:15)

Wisdom does not solely come from age, rather it comes through experience. The Lord promises we would go through hardships and what we have gone through as individuals is not depicted in our age. There is no mini holy spirit or mini God, all of this is available whether we are young or old.

Specific Plans (9:30)

The Lord has something specific He wants to teach each of us. Just because believers will learn lessons at different times, doesn’t mean we’re in better or worse places with the Lord. It’s all about the personal relationship we have with God and He knows what we need most.

Value of Vulnerability (10:30)

It’s okay to rest where you are and not be afraid to verbalize it. Rachel has had a lot of different health issues that started once she was out of high school. From hormone imbalances, to parasites, to E. Coli, to scoliosis, it’s been constant challenges for quite some time. Ironically, her biggest fear up to this point had been getting sick. Through these difficult times it has shown her every single day she has a choice to sit in fear or to give her weakness to the Lord and trust that He is there to comfort her.

Father of Healing (12:05)

God is the Father of healing and He is sovereign no matter what. Healing can look different than what we expect and that is okay. May we always keep an open mind that God only has good intentions and knows best.

He Doesn’t Change (13:00)

Rachel shares how the Lord called her to come home part way through her college years. In this time home, she lacked community and felt as if life was mundane and purposeless, but through this God became more of a dependence. No matter what kind of numbing or lack or purpose you may feel, it’s important to dig into God. Our feelings or experiences do not change the truth of who God is, may we embrace that wholeheartedly.

Hidden Weeds (14:30)

The wounds of our childhood can cripple our adulthood, let’s not have past hurts hold us back. Today is a great day to weed out those past hurts, for there is more life and freedom in store for you. Rachel describes our hearts like a beautiful garden with weeds that need to be pulled out. Every single thing we go through in life gives opportunity for a flower to bloom and more room in the garden to be taken up by something healthy and living. We aren’t promised tomorrow, take the opportunity to grow and heal today!

Confronting Fear (15:55)

Carrie asks Rachel to share more on how she confronted the different health issues coming at her. Rachel mentioned in the beginning of her health issues she was wondering why her biggest fear in life was taking place. There were so many questions with little to no answers. It was a word from a woman at a bible study, prayer, and Jesus that allowed her to press on and accept that God is abundant and good no matter what. Knowing who He is wouldn’t change regardless of circumstances, gave Rachel the peace she needed to carry through and overcome.

Choosing to Trust (19:00)

It’s in our best interest to trust the Lord. Our trials often times will bring us to a place of dependence and needing God on a deeper level. 

Feast with Truth (20:00)

Our mind feasts with what it focuses on, that’s why it’s important to speak life over yourself regularly. While feelings of hardship are certainly valid, don’t stop there. One way to feast with life is by simply rejoicing this is a day the Lord has made and to be glad in it. See Psalm 18:24 for a biblical reference.

Faith is a Choice (21:00)

Letting fear become greater than faith is a choice. Let that sink into your heart today!

God Breathed (24:15)

Scripture is God breathed and will not change while this world is wavering and changing all the time. We have no idea what tomorrow will bring, so let us be diligent to soak in His truth and promises everyday. Write it out, let it filtrate through your mind, fill yourself with it every and anyway!

A Beautiful Challenge (25:00)

As believers we are called to take scripture literally. It can make things more difficult to hear and accept but at the same time it also makes things about who God says we are so much more beautiful. The bible is just an account of all the amazing things Jesus did while here on earth. There is so much more in store for us to discover!

Be Encouraged (27:00)

Whatever you’re going through Rachel’s heart goes out to you. Similar to the biblical times of people fighting for the promised land, today is a fight to battle for the Kingdom of God. Keep fighting, keep pressing, don’t give up, friend! The fight is worth it, God’s promises are true, and He will see things through in His perfect timing.

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