Rich Campbell is a counselor, life coach, and helper to many! Today he joins the show talking to us about counseling, the bible, the brain, and the mind. Stay tuned to learn how you can develop a healthy subconscious and belief system and how to encourage your loved ones in that too.

Introduction to Rich Campbell (2:00)

Rich has a unique and eclectic background. At 16 years old, he became a Christ follower by watching Billy Graham on TV and grew in the faith by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in college. It’s been an adventurous journey in his lifetime academically, family wise, and vocationally so far. Rich also shares that he’s noticed one season of life will often prepare us for the next season in life ahead.

Human Complexities (3:15)

Carrie and Rich chat on how the brain and mind work. Scripture has many different perspectives on it which Rich finds particularly interesting. When we dive deep into looking at the brain and how God made us, it’s incredible. In the space between our ears, God has placed 100 billion brain cells. There is more mathematical complexity in the space between our ears than there is in the known universe. Wow!

Created in God’s Image (4:30)

The animals God created can build to a level of instinct, but often times they don’t create beyond a certain level of instinct, while humans do. God is a wonderful creator and he gave us a powerful organ called the mind, which allows us to create with intricate detail and imagination.

A Heart for People (5:30)

Rich has a heart to help people understand the way our mind works so we can know who God created us to be and so we can become the best version of ourselves. He’s learned a lot from journeying with people through life coaching and therapy.

Therapy and Life Coaching (7:00)

Rich does therapy and life coaching from the perspective of having vision and providing perspective on what it is that you’re thinking. He believes it’s important to know why we believe what we believe, for this propels us in everything we do.

Proverbs 4:23 (8:00)

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the wellspring of life”. Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re probably right. We need to be mindful of what thoughts we allow in our minds to circulate, and if those thoughts align ourselves into who God made us to be.

Find A Cheerleader (10:00)

It’s so important to have support and coaching to spur you on! Who are the people that encourage you to grow and believe in what you’re capable of? As much as we should be mindful about what others are saying, we should be mindful about what we are telling ourselves too.

Overcoming Challenging Relationships (13:00)

It’s hard to believe what we’re truly capable of when surrounded by negative people and challenging relationships. Rich suggests coming back to the root of it all asking yourself first, “why am I surrounding myself around these people?” We are meant to be valued and it is vital to surround oneself around people that see value in you if at all possible. At the same time, when working through changing a belief system, it may be helpful to have a coach or support to help you correct those parts of yourself wrestling to see your true worth.

Staggering Complexities (14:20)

The conscious mind can process about 2,000 bits of information per second and the subconscious mind can process about 4 billion bits of information as well. Beliefs about ourselves mostly reside in the subconscious part of our mind, that’s why getting to the root of deeper belief systems and issues is crucial.

True Freedom (16:00)

True freedom comes when we find belief systems that don’t line up, wrestle with it, and take our process to God through it all.

Parental Wisdom (18:00)

Carrie asks Rich to elaborate on ways parents can help children develop a healthy subconscious. Rich encourages listeners to be mindful of what they are teaching their kids through words and by example on a daily basis. One way to be mindful of this is by taking a moment to picture your child being interviewed as an adult and the interviewer asking, “what’s the most important thing your dad or mom taught you growing up?” What do you honestly think that picture would look like? We encourage you to be the example you desire for your kids to glean from!

Time to Reframe (21:30)

Reframing our thought patterns is a worthwhile investment. Rich shares several reflective questions to ask yourself to help foster an awareness of certain belief patterns in your life.

Resting in the Unknown (22:55)

Life doesn’t always make sense and that is okay. Often times we try to make sense of things that are beyond our ability to respond. It’s important to accept what can and can’t be understood in this lifetime.

Surrender (25:00)

Do you have a thought pattern or behavior you know isn’t life giving? If it’s not working, surrender it! Ask God for a new thought pattern, ask Him for help to develop that new thought pattern too!

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