120: Contending Mental Illness with Sarah Kallies | Carrie Robaina

Sarah Kallies is seeker of truth, mental illness fighter, singer, and much more! She joins the show to equip the church on walking with people through all seasons of life. Listen and be blessed as Sarah openly shares her story with you today.

Introduction to Sarah Kallies (2:15)

Sarah’s life is marked by a fierce love for Jesus. She grew up as a missionary kid having many international experiences and at 3 months old, her family moved to Israel. After living in Thailand for some time, she eventually made her way to Minnesota.

A Lifetime of Challenges (4:00)

From a very early age, Sarah was mentally ill. At age 13 she had attempted suicide at a boarding school and her second suicide attempt took place when she was 19 or 20 years old. Sarah’s most recent suicide attempt was this past summer and on top of these challenging times, she was also sexually assaulted by a stranger. Sarah shares how many people within the church don’t quite understand how you can be walking with Jesus and still suffer severe mental illness.

Vulnerability Fosters Growth (7:00)

Sarah talks openly about her mental health problems because she desires to create a safe place for open dialogue to help others. Her heart is to be an addition to the church, offering open arms and an open mind to hear people out.

Contending with Mental Illness (7:45)

The word says when we come to God and ask, we will be forgiven and healed! Sarah used to say she suffered from mental illness but now she says that she contends with it. Check out Mathew 7:7 for a biblical reference.

People with Stories (8:45)

Sarah mentions that her time spent in a psych ward was one of the best places she could have been. She noticed the people who are sometimes stereotyped as the trash of society, are beautiful people with many stories, resilience, and experiences to share.

Identity in Christ (9:30)

Our identity is found in Christ, not in any mental illness a person may have!

Our Understanding is Secondary (11:00)

It’s okay to not understand it all. Thankfully, our understanding will always be secondary to the goodness of God! Sarah often times gets emails from people asking the big questions on why this is happening to her and how to make sense of it. She does not have all the answers either, but one thing Sarah does know is that her end point is complete healing.

Communication is Key (12:00)

We’re made to communicate, this is God’s heart!

Seen and Unseen (12:45)

Contending with battles seen and unseen is so important. Carrie elaborates on her thoughts with this.

Reaching Out (13:30)

Carrie poses a question asking for Sarah’s advice on what she would do if she were to see a new person sitting in the back of a church and how to best serve that person. Sarah mentions inviting someone to be in a small group can make a huge difference.

Servant Leadership (16:00)

Carrie shares her thoughts on how important the role of being a door holder or volunteer in the church is. Shout out to all the volunteers at church, thank you for your service!

A Love for Music (18:00)

When Sarah lived in Thailand, her dad would participate in massive crusades. In the times Sarah tagged along, she would get up on stage and sing “Jesus loves me” with the crowd. This is where her love for music started. Music is what also got her through difficult times while being abused at home.

Believing (19:00)

It wasn’t until College Sarah believed singing was something she could pursue outside of church events. After several important conversations with people in her life, something sparked inside which led her to give music recording a shot. Since then, Sarah has recorded three albums and continues to pursue music recording as part of her vocation.

Purpose in Everything (22:00)

God can use us right where we’re at in the midst of any trial, fault, and sin. His grace is always there no matter what so be encouraged, friend! The farther your life has swung into pain, trial and heartbreak, the further it’s possible to swing the other direction into life, joy, peace and purpose. There can be a shift in your life, you’re not stuck!

The Heart Behind Singing (24:00)

Sarah has drawn from all of her life experience when it comes to writing songs and music. One gal in particular who was at her show years ago, reached out and mentioned how listening to her music helped save her life!

Power in the Testimony (25:15)

One way the Holy spirit can work in and through us is by sharing our testimony!

Opportunity to Know God (26:20)

Even in the hardest moments and struggles, we have an opportunity to know God in a new way. The power of our story can encourage others that they aren’t alone. Though we have trials and hardships in life, rest assured that we get the honor of knowing  Jesus and can still love and trust Him no matter what. He is faithful!

Hope (27:20)

No matter who you are or where you’re at in life, God offers Hope. If we choose to cling to Him, our life is going to abound with more joy, love, and the ability to appreciate God’s grace more and more.

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