117: A Global Heart with Sara Shin | Carrie Robaina

Sara Shin is a leader and passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Today she joins the show to inspire listeners to dig deeper in God’s heart for the nations. Stay tuned for an encouraging conversation between Sara and Carrie!

Introduction to Sara Shin (3:45)

Sara was born in South Korea, and moved at 10 years old to California with her family of four. While living in the states she went to school and graduated with a masters in environmental science and engineering. Shortly after graduating, Sara joined in on an 11 month mission trip that changed her life! Right now she feels called to South Korea for the time and is content to be there with her family.

Set Ablaze (5:00)

The Church is on fire in South and North Korea. When the gospel first came into Korea, people believe it first went through North Korea. Did you know some of the largest churches in the world are found in Korea today?

Sara’s Personal Faith Journey (5:45)

Sara was born into a nominal Christian family and lived that way until her college years. For a long time she felt empty inside and found herself getting more and more depressed. In her young adult years she thought that if she became a dentist making a good amount of money, that would bring her happiness. As she interned within the dentistry field, an employee at the office invited her to church. Through visits to that church and watching a friend’s life change 180 degrees, this inspired her to take God seriously. On the last day of college she decided to follow Jesus with all her heart.

Insane Courage (8:30)

Sometimes all it takes is a few seconds of insane courage to invite someone to church.

Led By God (10:30)

It was God who led Sara every step of the way while getting a masters in environmental science and engineering

Occupational Ministry (12:45)

Sara is currently in ministry related work. She has a huge passion for evangelism and that is why she went on several missions trips. Right now she feels God is teaching her the importance of missions, evangelism, and community.

Messengers of the Gospel (14:00)

One way believers can enter into gospel centered conversations with people from different cultural backgrounds is by asking if people need prayer for any particular type of reason. It’s so important people know when praying, they feel blessed! Sometimes when we pray, people can get physically healed, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, or simply appreciate the blessing.

A Prepared Heart (16:00)

We should always be ready and prepared to give an account and honest answer for our faith!

Encouragement from Sara (16:45)

Sara encourages listeners to start stepping into more lifestyle Christianity beyond the four walls of the church. The worst thing that could happen with evangelism is someone gets to hear the gospel. We are not selling something, rather sharing life and love. This is not anything we need to make fancy or attractive, simply sharing your honest story about how Jesus has impacted your life will organically attract people to the gospel!

Have No Fear (18:00)

Don’t let the culture or background people are in keep you from engaging in relationship! We are made to find Jesus in the cultures, for He is not in a box or a certain type of church we created.

The Creative Gospel (18:45)

One time while traveling through India, a friend of Sara’s used Henna to draw out the gospel on a girls arm. There is unlimited potential on how we can share the good news to the world!

A Last Word (22:30)

Sara’s experience of traveling in missions to all these countries is special, however missions is not defined by location or how much experience you have in it. Every moment of our lives is an opportunity for missions and ministry. Holy spirit is there to give us the courage to share anywhere and everywhere we go.

Available (24:30)

We have opportunity everyday to be the hands and feet of Jesus. May we keep our eyes peeled to go and share the good news!

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