136: Navigating Life After College with Sasha Frank | Carrie Robaina

Sasha Frank is a musician, writer, and passionate follower of Jesus. On this week’s episode of She Walks In Truth, Sasha joins Carrie Robaina for a conversation about navigating life after college, facing fears, healing from trauma, and walking through obstacles with God. 

This Week’s Takeaway’s 

  • Sasha came to know the Lord through experiencing the realness of life. After graduating college, Sasha felt like she was one of those people who slipped through the cracks. This led her to depend on God and to seek Him more and through that she realized God was with her all along. 
  • No matter what decisions we make in this life, God loves us the same. 
  • ”Introducing Sasha Frank” is a memoir of Sasha’s life God laid on her heart to create and publish. You can purchase Sasha’s book here!
  • We don’t live for the approval of man, it’s the approval of God that counts! Embrace who God has made you to be and trust that He will guide you.
  • Why do we allow fear to saturate us, when sometimes that fear isn’t even rational? Recognize and release those fears, you’re meant to walk in freedom! 
  • Healing from past and recent trauma can be a challenge. One way we suggest to work through that is by journaling. Reflecting allows us to see things from a different perspective which can help promote healing within. Sharing your story and not being ashamed to talk about it are also ways that can help with healing too.
  • It’s okay to follow your passions. By doing the will of God, your soul will be nourished and He will provide the character to sustain it.

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