Episode 161: Healing Hearts and Mending Souls with Dr. Sam Kojoglanian

Long-time host of the She Walks In Truth podcast Carrie Robaina shares a heartfelt goodbye on the final episode of the show.

Evangelist and Interventional Cardiologist “Dr. Sam” Kojoglanian, MD joins Carrie Robaina to talk about sharing the gospel. God has uniquely positioned him to help heal hearts physically and to mend souls spiritually as he ministers around the world. Dr. Sam is bold, practical, and uncompromising in his approach to ministry and at the same time, he is one of the most joyful people Carrie has ever interviewed on the show. You’ll find his approach to Jesus and loving others refreshing. 

Friend, if you could use a dose of the straight-up gospel, some encouragement in your walk with Jesus, and empowerment to tell others about this beautiful walk we call Christianity, do not miss this episode! 

This Week’s Takeaways:

–  Dr. Sam shares his story as an Armenian growing up in Jerusalem who immigrated to the United States and how he has become an evangelist and leading interventional cardiologist 

– God’s not mad at you, he’s madly in love with you

– God is always outstretched to you 

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