063: LaToya Edwards| Trusting God In Hard Times | Carrie Robaina

063: LaToya Edwards| Trusting God In Hard Times

LaToya Edwards on Trusting God on the She Walks In Truth Christian podcast.
LaToya Edwards is a Christian life coach and writer. She helps Christian women strengthen their faith and deepen their relationship with God so they can walk victoriously through trials, knowing God is with them, every step of the way. Through her blog, Women Finding God, she encourages women to grow closer to God through consistent Bible study and prayer. Faith Story (1:14)  LaToya shares how as a little kid she loved going to church and found so much joy learning about God. As a military kid here family moved around a lot and once her dad retired and they settled, she found herself pulling away from church because she felt like she didn’t fit into the mold of the church her family started going to. LaToya says she didn’t pull away from God but didn’t want to have anything to do with the church. The result? She ended up being a tool of the enemy. Struggling through an abusive marriage is finally what caused LaToya to go deep in relationship with the Lord. Trusting God In Hard Times  (10:20)  LaToya talks about how there was a point in her life when she left it up to others to tell her about who God is, but the turning point was when she decided to dig and learn for herself. LaToya believes that if women understood the truth about God and the truth about yourself then you become unstoppable! Meaningful Quiet Time With The Lord (14:48) LaToya shares one of her favorite passages from Scripture and how God is there even in the mundane. She loves to encourage women to use the pockets of time they do have available to connect with God in a meaningful way. Get In Touch  Want to get in touch with Latoya Website: latoyaedwards.net   

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