083: God's Enduring Love with Jessica Maybury | Carrie Robaina

083: God’s Enduring Love with Jessica Maybury

Australian Model Jessica Maybury joins the She Walks In Truth podcast to chat about God’s enduring love. She shares how meeting a stranger at rock bottom changed the trajectory of her entire life! Through that experience and the discipleship that followed Jessica found healing and one of her passions; discipleship. Jessica also enjoys teaching people how to live minimally and take control of their finances as well as fashion and home styling.

Faith Testimony (3:00)

Jessica was raised in church and forced to go throughout her life. She knew there was a God but thought all there was to being a Christian was saying a prayer and maybe reading the Bible. To her, it was more like a “get out of hell free” card but she was living her own life without any real act of repentance or serving the Lord up until the age of 17. Curiosity got ahold of her and she started to study the Bible so she could defend herself. but not long after that the Lord flipped her world 180. The Lord flipped her world 180 while she was in the modeling industry battling bulimia, depression and suicidal thoughts.

The Day It All Changed (7:34) 

Jessica was where “the world” told her she should feel her best. She was an international model, traveling and living a glamorous life yet on the inside she was completely empty. Jessica shares how when she was in Europe and needed to drop some kilos she went on more binges than she ever had and found herself talking 6 laxatives in one day, going from restaurant to restaurant eating, drinking and feeling completely miserable. Then she’d cry over the toilet bowl spewing it all up. Jessica went home to crash and when she woke up that evening she went to get something to eat and was contemplating how she could end her life when in walks a woman named Margaret God used to help transform her life over the coming week and months.

Out of the Dark (32:30)

At one point Jessica thought she was finished with modeling but what she soon found out after she was set free and healed, the Lord sent her back into the modeling industry! She and her husband Chris’ heart’s passion is for life discipleship though they are passionate about global missions and evangelism.

Some Notes from Jessica 

Right now I am passionate about horticulture, health and wellness, teaching people how to live minimally and take control of their finances, fashion and home styling, and  of course- discipleship!

These days, I find myself talking with other christian women (single and married a like) about ways we can financially free ourselves up to have more time for intentional discipleship.

Australia has the highest rate of household debt in the world and many Australians have come to just accept the fact they will be up to their neck in debt until their late 70’s. This means they are continually time poor, having to clock in as many hours as possible just to meet their minimum repayments each week; which often then leads to nominal, passive, lonely christianity, which God did not call us to!

When I have these discussions with women, it gives them permission to think outside of the ‘norm’ and tread their own path, saying no to a life of debt controlling their decisions and yes to a life of building God’s kingdom! It is so amazing to see the fruit that comes from these conversations!

I want the way I answer this question to be transparent so as to genuinely help any women affected by or currently in a similar situation, but I also want readers to understand that I do really love my Dad, I have forgiven him and our relationship has got much better in recent years as the Lord has worked in him.

I grew up in a hostile, violent household where my Mum, siblings and I lived in 24/7 fear of our Father. He was a destructive narcissist who verbally, spiritually, emotionally and physically abused us almost always.

From that upbringing, I developed an extremely poor self esteem where I was convinced I was unlovable because I believed I could only be loved if I was perfect.

I was taught to believe that all women were good for was to visually, sexually, domestically and emotionally please men and that if a woman couldn’t do that- she was a complete failure of a woman who couldn’t be surprised when she was bashed up, cheated on, constantly criticised or divorced because it was “her” who made the man angry and do such things.

Even though God in his redeeming love gifted me with a Husband who is the total opposite of how my Father was, the weeks especially leading up to my wedding day were full of pain, immense fear and tears.

I wanted this fairy tale engagement and wedding season, but truth be told, I was possibly the most scared I had ever been in my life because I thought the minute Chris married me and saw all my weaknesses, he would see me as ‘ugly, undesirable, old meat’ and either leave me or cheat on me for ‘fresh meat’

Chris so lovingly during that time and ever since has pointed me to Jesus and the reality of God’s love and acceptance being completely sufficient for me; and with immense difficulty believing it at first, my mind has slowly been renewed in this area as I have chosen to just dive into God and trust what His word says about me even when my mind is screaming otherwise.

Not only have I been challenged to believe what God says about me, but also what Chris says to me in our marriage. I was really convicted when Chris said to me one time “Jess, why don’t you just choose to believe me when I say I love you until you can naturally believe me?” and lead me to 1 Corinthians 13:7, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”

I realised I was not “believing all things” with him. He would repeatedly tell me how much he loved me and how happy he was that I was his wife but I just did not believe him! I repented to both him and God for this and ever since, I have been choosing to believe that both Chris and God do love me despite what my mind might tell me, and that neither are going to leave me when they see my flaws because their love is an unconditional choice that remains present through the good times as well as the bad. Now believing these truths naturally, has become a lot easier for me!

Yes I am flawed, but I am also loved. Yes I make mistakes and don’t deliver how I would like to at times, but I am still God and Chris’ joy to be around because they see and know my heart!

I do not have to be perfect in the kitchen or in the bedroom, or as a Mum or as a business woman to keep a man and be worthy as a woman; Because my God, in advance knowing every weakness, sin and flaw in me, already gave me the perfect man, Jesus! Who promises to never leave me nor forsake me; And he says my worth and identity are not found in what I can do or how I look but in what he already did for me!

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