I can’t wait to introduce you to my my dear friend Elizabeth Oschwald, author of “Surprise You’re Homeschooling” and mom, filled with wisdom and insight on how to thrive in the homeschool way of life. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss, especially in times like these! Grab Elizabeth’s new ebook “Surprise! You’re Homeschooling!” with this link here!

Elizabeth also has free 14 day workshop for moms as well… click here for “The Mom Reset” 14 day Challenge!

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Episode Week’s Takeaways:

  • Introduction to Elizabeth Oschwald
  • The story behind the “Surprise You’re Homeschooling” book
  • Clarity comes with action
  • Shifting perspective can make the biggest difference
  • Laying it all down and going with the flow
  • It’s a lot more home and family than education

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