134: Tasting Grace with Melissa d'Arabian | Carrie Robaina

You’re about to gain important insight from season five winner of the Food Network Star, Melissa d’Arabian! She joins me in a conversation to share about her new book, “Tasting Grace: Discovering the Power of Food to Connect Us to God, One Another, and Ourselves.” Join us for a conversation that will help you make dinner time with friends and family more meaningful!

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This Week’s Takeaways 

  • Melissa has been working with food for over a decade. She has a desire to see food the way God sees it and this has led her on an exploration for understanding His heart for it all. 
  • God’s generosity is made delicious through food. He gave us different types of food to enjoy because He loves us! 
  • Jesus didn’t just feed people, He ate with them. Food is a way that enables relationship to happen and when we practice hospitality, we are inviting people to embrace community. 
  • Hospitality is not about separation or impressing, it’s about unifying and coming together. 
  • Do you have children with taste buds that seem to only like salty, sweet, and junk food snacks? If so, don’t worry, there’s so much grace! Children have been taught through the years to like these kinds of foods. Be patient in the process of growing into a healthy eating lifestyle with your family. 
  • Click here to purchase Melissa d’Arabian’s new book, “Tasting Grace: Discovering the Power of Food to Connect Us to God, One Another, and Ourselves.

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